Comments - Unique of the Week: Bentley Continental GT Zagato

Published: Dec 24, 2011
Description: Back in 2008, Bentley partnered up with the legendary Milan, Italy based design house Zagato to build a very special version of the Continental GT. The result was the Continental GTZ and it was offici...
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Kaushal Kumar Balagurusamy Jan 04, 2012
A 5gt is horrible compared to an a7 cls or even a panemera
Shane Jansen Dec 24, 2011
I'd rather have 5 stock continental GTs
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
Yep. If it costs as much as the average Bentley I might consider buying it (if I could, of course), but that's just too much.
Anthony Cordova Dec 24, 2011
What a rip off. For over a million, I'd rather buy a Reventon or Bugatti. I love The GT, but this is just way overpriced
Description: So what did that extra €550k buy exactly? Pure Italian goodness. To start with, it features Zagato's signature double-bubble roof, a round tail with a unique taillight design, and even a ha...
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Will Revene Dec 24, 2011
Your paying for the exclusivity. Not the upgrades.
Robby Bradford Dec 24, 2011
Sorry, but that's not $500k extra worth of pure Italian goodness
Dan Morris Dec 24, 2011
The hand painted pinstripe is worth $200,000 at least .
Chris Penza Dec 24, 2011
Just call it a butt roof. We all know thats what it looks like
Kaushal Kumar Balagurusamy Jan 04, 2012
Buy the gtc not gtz! It's still bug eyed and has same engine so whats to lose with the gtc???
Nick Fritz Dec 30, 2011
Hate the grill, dredfell
Devin Mortenson Dec 24, 2011
The aventador and diablo, with a car museum across the street with some cars like the Ferrari Dino, some rolls royces, and some bugatti that is probably worth 15 million
Devin Mortenson Dec 24, 2011
I just realized something after reading the nxt page I've seen that car at that dealership a a few days ago along with a 2008 bugatti veyron, tons of other bently's, a california, a Aston Martin, some rolls royces, a bunch of lamborghinis including
Shane Jansen Dec 24, 2011
I have to be honest with you this looks pretty crappy for the asking price. Again, I'd rather have 5 brand new 2012 Continental GTs this
Justin Chaplin Dec 24, 2011
That's because one of bentleys official colors is a green like this
Zack Herzer Dec 24, 2011
Seen one of these in the same color on the streets.
Spencer Peirce Dec 24, 2011
I would settle for good enough when referring to food, but not for a car that expensive. There are about 4 DIFFERENT design elements they are going for simultaneously and it's uncomfortable looking and slightly awkward. Especially that grill!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
Really? I think it looks good enough, and powerful enough for the average wealthy man. I don't see how it's ugly.
Jason Brower Dec 24, 2011
Zagato has made some truly terrible cars. Some beautiful, but not many.
Description: Some other features included Xenon headlights, a chrome grille, and 10-way power adjustable driver and passenger seats. As attractive as all of this is, there simply weren't enough customers will...
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Description: For anyone looking to add something truly special to their collection, this could just be one of the best Christmas presents they ever bought for themselves. The only downside? The dealer wants to get...
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Will Revene Dec 24, 2011
This car is for the type of person who probably already has a reventon. Or at least other cars of this caliber. That's why they said "add to collection"
Chris Penza Dec 24, 2011
Yeah I'll take a reventon pleasr
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 24, 2011
1.45 million is wat the Reventon was selling for a few weeks ago. This car is not worth what a reventon is worth.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
I think the front looks superb, since the whole car is pretty much made of curves. The curvy front goes well with the rest. ... The curvy... Curvy... Maybe I should've used a different word.
Matthew McKernan Dec 24, 2011
I don't really like the front, doesn't flow with the rest of the car, not that the rest of the car is all that great anyway.
Tajul Islam Dec 27, 2011
Zagato know how to ruin cosmetics of cars, so I'd only buy one to fit this purpose.
Jason Hsu Dec 24, 2011
I would laugh at anybody who buy this car. The back is so hideous!
Kaushal Kumar Balagurusamy Jan 04, 2012
What the hell happened to the back???
Tajul Islam Dec 27, 2011
Look at that back? It's so hideous.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
I don't think there's any "should" in deciding car gender. In the end it's personification so you just have to imagine. If you imagine them as male, they become male, and vice versa.
Devin Mortenson Dec 24, 2011
It looks better from the front than the back so if it's a guy it must be messed up
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
I added the last bit of my post about the rear end only because he made it sound like you would be weird if you said it looks good. Okay?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
@Dale: Are you referring to my opinion on that rear end? And you thought I was mad that Abir didn't agree with my opinion? Of course not, looks are a qualitative matter, which makes it impossible to decide what looks good and what doesn't.
Spencer Peirce Dec 24, 2011
Unfortunately, I had a sonata for my first car. It's name was Frank Sonata, of course, male. I think it also depends on value and rarity. Just spittin this out, anything 100k+ is a female name with the exception of a handful of trucks.
Dale Denis Dec 24, 2011
Miftah, don't you like it when people tell you YOUR opinion is wrong lol!
Jimmy Atkinson Dec 24, 2011
Really not a fan of the back. But hey, if you like it and want to spend insane amounts of money, more power to ya
Hilda Dunn Dec 24, 2011
Liked it till I saw the back
Jack Kraeutler Dec 24, 2011
I do like it. Kinda a Morgan and 59 Vette tail... Or butt.
Garrett Frye Dec 24, 2011
@Miftah: most car guys refer to there cars as a she if anything, I don't think I've ever heard a guy refer to a car as male
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
Yes, Abir, I actually think that looks good. And what are you gonna do about that?
Brad Wood Dec 24, 2011
I must say, Zagato has made some really terrible cars. But, I suppose in this market beauty is in the eye of the rich guys beholding.
Abir Seba Dec 24, 2011
Come on really, Someone actually thought that looks good?
David Eslava Dec 24, 2011
Sorry, but I love it! Much better than the front that's for sure...
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
Car-guys sometimes call the rear end "ass" or "butt". What if the car is male?
Kaushal Kumar Balagurusamy Jan 04, 2012
Bentley is funny no legroom! This is a joke considering bentleys are for rich people who want extreme comfort at extreme speeds
Elijah Keshun Buchanan Dec 27, 2011
That's the right color for d car
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 25, 2011
Have you guys seen the xkr's back seat?
Lee Cascio Dec 25, 2011
I'm pretty sure bentley isn't worried about satisfying insurance costs.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 24, 2011
A lot of cars have unusable back seats like these. It's so the insurance cost is more reasonable.
Shane Jansen Dec 24, 2011
Might as well not even have a back seats that's so dumb
Jack Howard Dec 24, 2011
How is it that a civic has more leg room than this boat
Alex Kovac Dec 24, 2011
You can't make a car and expect the only people sitting back there have no legs!
Ahmed S Anwar Biru Dec 24, 2011
There is no legroom!!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 24, 2011
Let's force Rick Ross in there.
Devin Mortenson Dec 24, 2011
No leg room in the front to
Hilda Dunn Dec 24, 2011
I've always liked Bentleys interiors