Description: A new item has been made available for the Ford Restoration Parts catalog: a fully-licensed 1967 Ford Mustang convertible body shell. The shell is ready for painting fresh from the company, however it...
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Tyson Broadbent Dec 24, 2011
Scratch that, two convertible shells. 65 and 67.
Tyson Broadbent Dec 24, 2011
@bull That one was a different year model I think, there are two mustang shells now.
Bull Dogone Dec 24, 2011
Little late, aren't you? This was on display @ SEMA 2 months ago at the Ford display.
Micah Lau Dec 24, 2011
Yup. She's a real beaut.
Description: In order to qualify as a Ford-licensed restoration part, the shell had to "meet or exceed the fit, finish and quality of the original." It's safe to say that Dynacorn have exceeded the ...
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Description: The other body shells currently available for purchase are the 1965 convertible, 1967 fastback and 1969 fastback. The 1967 Mustang convertible body shell is priced at $15,995.
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Dillon Dixon Dec 24, 2011
67 fastback would be awesome.
Jared Palmer Dec 24, 2011
Make mine 67 fastback w 427fe
Chris Penza Dec 24, 2011
I'd love a 69 boss 303
Jason Brower Dec 24, 2011
I'd love that 69 fastback