Description: While North Americans are likely unfamiliar with the Volkswagen Caddy, it is actually a popular commercial vehicle in Europe. So it seems a little strange that a tuning firm would be interested in imp...
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jammer Dec 30, 2011
I give this car a lot of credit
Sam Oglesby Dec 23, 2011
Leaf springs its not a horse drawn carriage get with times
Cian Rules Dec 23, 2011
There not popular at all
Jason Brower Dec 23, 2011
Dear MR design, this isn't new a all. People in the euro scene have been doing this for years. And with much better results too.
Rocky Rock Dec 24, 2011
Now that's a sick bagged caddy... Love the rotiforms.
Clint Edwards Dec 23, 2011
Nothin says "baller" like a lowered diesel VW van
Douglas Orellana Dec 23, 2011
Why? Tune something worth tuning.
Description: The German-based tuner started off with a long-base version direct from the factory that was equipped with passenger seats. The thing is with the Caddy is that it's both ABE (general operating pe...
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Description: The tuner also added a set of 19-inch Rotiform-alloy wheels. No pricing has been announced, but MR Car Design did add they're next applying this set up to the VW Amarok pickup.
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Shane Jansen Dec 24, 2011
Lol what's the point exactly?
Sam Oglesby Dec 23, 2011
Pointless vw do a better job with the caddy racer
Igor Natsioks Dec 23, 2011
It's a cool work van tho.
Douglas Orellana Dec 23, 2011
I understand the suspension in the back making it easier to load stuff but the rest is unnecessary.
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 23, 2011
Fat-ass on the back?
Clayton Corley Dec 27, 2011
@cian. Diesel doesn't make bad noises , aren't boring, and can haul a$$.
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 26, 2011
Yes but Europen cars last. What bout US cars.You can find loads of cars hidden,Abandoned,Left to rust. Do you see those in European countries.Take Merc for example.Albania's cars are roughly %70 Mercedes.Theyre mostly diesel and the engines never die
Cian Rules Dec 24, 2011
Alot they make terrible noises are boring slow and the whole of europe are hooked on them
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 23, 2011
And what's wrong with a diesel?
Cian Rules Dec 23, 2011
O no Its a diesal its blinded me
Jason Brower Dec 23, 2011
That's not that low. If you have a pair of 19's that fit without any camber, you might as well have put a lift kit on it.