Comments - Jeep Grand Cherokee EV Coming to Detroit

Published: Dec 23, 2011
Description: In a stark contrast from the 800hp Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that was revealed just a few days ago, a new report is claiming that Jeep will be unveiling an all-EV version of the Jeep Grand Ch...
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Landon Combass Dec 24, 2011
Okay I'm all about EV cars because small EV cars have a purpose. This is a SUV that gets no kind of gas mileage to begin with. It's made to ride the mountains. This defeats the purpose.
Teddy MacDonell Dec 24, 2011
I like everything Fiats done to chrysler/jeep/dodge besides the dart, although it might still sell well. but I'm glad there's an ev that will at least look good. this will probably be my favorite one
Luis A Villalpando Dec 23, 2011
Another ev This is truly disappointing...
Shane Jansen Dec 23, 2011
Well fiat now makes the major decisions now don't they? Decide the partnerships and Approve or decline products
Clint Edwards Dec 23, 2011
Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?
Kevin Rehbock Dec 23, 2011
Shane, you can't blame Fiat if they're not actually producing it. It's Amp Electric who's making it. Fiat is only supplying them with OEM Grand Cherokees through Chrysler LLC's partnership with Amp.
Zachary Maurer Dec 23, 2011
Who cares blame it on fiat, blame everything on fiat, they bought out a true amarican car company, and italinised it not to be racist
Shane Jansen Dec 23, 2011
@Kevin I never said anything about the wrangler. It's the production idea of an EV Cherokee that I was blaming on fiat. Get YOUR fact straight about what I'm talking about.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 23, 2011
Of course they won't sell as much as their gas powered counterparts. I can see these Jeeps only being targeted for fleet customers only and not for those looking for a new daily driver.
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
Yeah but it's one thing to build ONE, it's another to make them into production. These won't sell for sh*t. Not with a 100 mile driving range.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 23, 2011
This Grand Cherokee was in R&D way before Fiat took over. They even made a Wrangler EV before that. Know your facts.
Shane Jansen Dec 23, 2011
@Pattick I bet this is entirely Fiats fault, this is retarded. A compass would make more sense, a Cherokee is jus disgusting.
Zachary Maurer Dec 23, 2011
Crap, I'm going to the Detroit auto show, and it looks like I will see a pimped out sonic, the new Nissan mallfinder, an electric keep and some fiats, oh and the new dodge fart, great
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
This better not be Fiats doing. I will lose it.
Paul Lissona Dec 23, 2011
Really stupid to make pure electric geez.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 23, 2011
Jeep and EV shouldnt be in the same sentence.
Maci Kartchner May 05, 2012
Its a beautiful car!
Maci Kartchner Apr 21, 2012
What a beautiful car! :) don't you guys think so? (I know right)
Landon Combass Dec 25, 2011
Headlight washers and FRONT parking assist! "MOVIN ON UP!!"
Kevin Rehbock Dec 24, 2011
I would trade a TLS for a XJ Cherokee and a Wagoneer, then build up the Cherokee.
Shawn Robinson Dec 24, 2011
This car is weird .. Sometimes it looks good other times it doesn't , but I world NEVER TRADE A TLS!!!! FOR THIS !!
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
Yeah I looked em up earlier and they are like 65! Crazyness.
Riley Gonzales Dec 23, 2011
ha! try more like around 60k
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
Haha you're gonna need a little more monies with that trade in my friend. I think the SRT8 GCs are around 50k+
Vincent Butler Dec 23, 2011
Lol patrick. I'm trading my 08 TL'S for 2012 New Cherokee SRT8 thinking about the mineral gray metallic color
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
I love these. Wish I could get a new one.
Description: The latter of which has already been "electrified" by AMP Electric Vehicles, so making the necessary changes wasn't all that difficult. And according to a report from the New York Times...
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Kevin Rehbock Dec 23, 2011
Bring back the solid axles first!
Description: While it's interesting to see something like the Jeep Grand Cherokee become electrified, we can't help but think that even with its off-roading abilities, getting stranded in the middle of n...
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Maci Kartchner May 05, 2012
Does that mean that it's a V8?
Luis A Villalpando Dec 23, 2011
Electric cars just are not the answer
Shane Jansen Dec 23, 2011
And the odds of Jeep/Fiat doing absolutely anything along those lines is......
Kevin Rehbock Dec 23, 2011
Or you can retrofit an EV with a double-layered ultracapacitor grid hooked up to a lithium titanate battery so you have an unholy amount of torque at your disposal and never have to worry about range.
Shane Jansen Dec 23, 2011
Josh you can bring gas cans with you. With an electric car you need gas cans AND a whole generator.... Or a million extension cords and a lot of walking energy....
Zachary Maurer Dec 23, 2011
Ok here's the problem, idk If any of u live in the wonderful state of Michigan (sarcasm) but we get our roads fixed from gas taxes, if we get all electric cars... You don't have a road to drive them on =__=
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
Yeah but Josh, you can put gas in Jerry cans and take them with you.
KyleM Dec 23, 2011
most people who buy these vehicles never take em off road. Its a fashion statement
Kan Wes Dec 23, 2011
Y not make it a hybrid?
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 23, 2011
I don't think it's any different than running out of gas on a trail. If you know the vehicles range that generally doesn't happen. Also, they will get better with time.