Rolls-Royce Phantom ‘Year of the Dragon’ Bespoke Package for China

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To honor this special occasion and butter up to the Chinese market, the limited-edition Phantoms are ready, covered in images of the country’s most revered mythical creature.
A one-off development to mark the upcoming Year of the Dragon, Rolls-Royce released this bespoke program at the Guangzhou Auto Show back in November. With around a month to go before the Chinese New Year, the British carmaker has released a set of interior and exterior shots of their exclusive special-edition model, which includes a twin coach-line with a hand-painted gold dragon on the side of each of the eight models to be manufactured.
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Inspired by the Forbidden City in Beijing, the interior has plenty of dragon references, including a hand-embroidered depiction of a dragon on the headrests, a dragon inlay on the passenger panel, and an LED-illuminated treadplate bearing 'Year of the Dragon 2012' on the door sills. The interior panels bear the Phantom model name in gold and rear passengers get two hand-stitched cushions with embroidered double R-R logos and piping. There's no indication of price but given this is for the Chinese market expect a figure ending in many zeros.

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