Description: The Lotus Evora GTE first arrived in concept form at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August and then came to the Frankfurt International Auto Show in September as a production car. The ra...
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Cody Fullerton Dec 27, 2011
Remember, the ford gt had the same engine as a pickup truck, and that was a world class supercar.
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 23, 2011
Really I just want to know what it's like to drive these cars! Even some of the mundane cars like a Camry. 270 h.p. I bet it could smoke a lot of the old cars! Muscle cars even. How 'bout the EcoBoost! It's what 375 horses in a Taurus! Kick ass!
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 23, 2011
Right on! I knew there was some love for Toyota out there. And for cars in general! I mean really every company has their advantages! That's what makes them different. And exciting! All cars have quirks.
Jonathan Bowen Dec 23, 2011
The Camry V6s are surprisingly powerful, even in stock form, but they also have tons of potential. Couple that with their great reliability, and you have a winning formula. MR2 guys swap these in all the time and can pull serious power.
Jason Brower Dec 23, 2011
The fact that it's a camry engine isn't that significant, the block is the same, but the lotus internals are much higher quality. That being said, I'll be much happier with a fully lotus designed enfine
quadrophine Dec 22, 2011
figured... lotus still makes a beautiful car, but forced induction isn't really there forte. turbo supras were notorious for detonating at high rpm, hopefully the more consistant torque curve of the supercharger will help with the longevity of the motor
Adam Sampson Dec 22, 2011
It is the same as the camry motor, and it's not N/A, in this car it is supercharged.
quadrophine Dec 22, 2011
I don't think its a Camry 6. they said racing inspired... who knows I don't know a Camry that developed that kind of power is this an na powerplant impressive for 3.5 liters
Garrett Frye Dec 22, 2011
Lotus has always sourced engines from Toyota, it's not just for this car. And why does it matter that it's a Toyota engine? It doesn't make the car perform like a Toyota, and I'm sure they've done a fair amount of work on the engine themselves
Shane Jansen Dec 22, 2011
I wouldnt say yotas engines last forever. That's far from true, at least in my case. not even that for this car which is supposed to be a performance car what would make you choose a Camry motor? It works good but id say it takes away from lotus thun
Kyle Kloewer Dec 22, 2011
I like the sound of a new Lotus, but only a V6?
Nick Benz Dec 22, 2011
Agreed Joshua. Toyota makes some of the best engines. They might not be the best for racing but they last forever
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 22, 2011
So what's the problem with these engines? Just that their Yota? Really?
Connor Wagner Dec 22, 2011
Nice but I loved the exige
Shane Jansen Dec 22, 2011
@Vincent and Ham thanks wasn't ever really aware of that fact about Lotus. The camry engine though? Of all.
Cody Jacques Dec 22, 2011
Im glad they're making their own engine. Im still shocked that its gonna be a V8.
Vincent Gaglioti Dec 22, 2011
The engine that it uses is from the carmy
Shane Jansen Dec 22, 2011
Who said anything about a Camry???
Carter Sullivan Dec 22, 2011
Brandon. They will make a V8 for the new Esprit in a few years
Dale Fredriks Dec 22, 2011
'Racing inspired' Camry V6? I think not.
Joey Pena Dec 22, 2011
that's great power from a Camry V6
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 22, 2011
@Chris it's Hennessey... Hennesy makes me think of alcohol.
Chris Tietjen Dec 22, 2011
Not as powerful as Hennessy venom....;) I know it's only like a half lotus lol
Description: The motor is matched to a bespoke automated manual transmission. This is the same V6 that is currently equipped on the Evora S. Lotus has given the Evora GTE an egregious amount of carbon fiber fitted...
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Kyle Kloewer Dec 22, 2011
Great looking, wonder if it performs and/or sounds as good as it looks and is described
Jamie Chenciner Dec 22, 2011
Does that mean no stick shift? If so, what a shame.
Landon Combass Dec 22, 2011
So much left out. Good going!
Tanton Stoneman Dec 22, 2011
It almost doesn't look like an evora on this angle
Peter Squire Dec 22, 2011
It's not an Elise it's an Evora
Eric Michalak Dec 22, 2011
I always thought the Elise was ugly. This, on the other hand, is beautiful.
Shane Jansen Dec 22, 2011
Looks good, I'd just prefer a slightly darker shade of yellow
Nick Tadych Dec 23, 2011
Lotus makes a sexy car
Andre_Schulze Dec 22, 2011
this is the car that should be in the gran turismo 5 dlc
Michael Evans Dec 22, 2011
Man this car is looking good
Ryan Taylor Dec 22, 2011
@David agius the side skirts are painted there just painted black and they look mint anyway
Dale Schroeder Dec 22, 2011
I bet this would be an absolute blast to drive on any track.
David Agius Dec 22, 2011
@ Max, that's exactly what i thought - the side skirts need to be painted to remove the blackened, 'slim-fit' look
Jon Huss Dec 22, 2011
this car or the exige s is my favorite car!
Anthony Villa-Garcia Dec 22, 2011
They are painted. Do u mean the lower vents?
Max Waite Dec 22, 2011
I think it would look a lot better if they painted the side skirts
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 22, 2011
Proud to call this a lotus now.
Cian Rules Dec 23, 2011
This is probly going to cost a billion when a corvette is resly cheap when u consider your getting over 600bhp
Jason Colkitt Dec 23, 2011
It all depends what u want in a car, for me it's all about the weave. So the lotus is first on my list, light on it's feet and doesn't need a big stretch of straight road to show u what it can do.
Alejandro Treviño Dec 22, 2011
Both are great, but I like the Evora just a little bit more.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 22, 2011
I'd take a Corvette as well.
Jordan Smith Dec 22, 2011
I agree with Ham and cheese as well
Logan LeMonnier Dec 22, 2011
Why would anyone buy a corvette over this?
David Bright Dec 22, 2011
Look at those sexy curves!
Paul Lissona Dec 22, 2011
Who wouldn't like this?!
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 22, 2011
Looks great. Surprisingly an evora looks great.
Cian Rules Dec 23, 2011
Or get a old m5 with the 5 liter v8
Jason Colkitt Dec 23, 2011
@James, I gotta go with buddy on that one, he'll if u still want to keep it ford u can get the 2004 focus RS. Or the new ST
Knox Ferraro Dec 23, 2011
They actually cut taillights to save weight.
Tanton Stoneman Dec 22, 2011
Axel, I definitely see 599 in the tail lights, but nowhere else
Axel Cousins Dec 22, 2011
I sort of see a little ferrari in this. I like this a lot.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 22, 2011
I like that rear. Always been a fan of these little beasts.
Buddy Robinson Dec 22, 2011
I'd suggest a new miata or some hot hatch. Just saying.
James Stevens Dec 22, 2011
Love the rear of this car...wish I could ditch my 2003 ford explorer n drive sumthin like this :(
Luke Walker Dec 23, 2011
My work colleague has a tuned Evora but the interior remains stock. I'm 6'2 and fit in it quite comfortably.
Nick Benz Dec 22, 2011
Yea me neither. My biceps are 36 inches around, im 7'7" and i squat my Peterbuilt every morning. Plus i weigh 354 lbs which isnt too good for racing cars
Michael Evans Dec 22, 2011
Man I could not fit I'm 74inchs tall nearly 50 inches in chest farming driving a truck now.
Cham Khiev Dec 22, 2011
Almost looks like a golds gym logo on the top of the seat lol