Comments - First Official Lexus LF-Lc Concept Picture

Published: Dec 22, 2011
Description: Following their teaser shots and a couple of leaked snaps courtesy of Road & Track, Lexus has finally revealed a proper picture of their concept that's heading to Detroit next month. There&ap...
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Description: "Crafted from a clean sheet of paper at the request of Lexus headquarters in Japan, the LF-LC blends both high technology and organic shapes to connect the driver to the machine. The clean lines ...
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Jenni Boden Dec 22, 2011
That's not how Lexus works.
Nick Grubecki Dec 22, 2011
it looks good but the price has to be low if lexus wants people it buy it
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 25, 2011
Luke - yeah but other cars are more expensive too, making it not "overpriced." Its not a luxury car
Luke Walker Dec 23, 2011
@ Steven- depends where you live. In Australia it's starting price is around 50k
Blaise Stevensen Dec 23, 2011
Avery-I heard the old SC had four seats to keep insurance prices down, making it cheaper than the competition.
Jenni Boden Dec 22, 2011
Forrest, a long hood has always been a design element of luxury cars.
Andy Kleschick Dec 22, 2011
Avery- because I'm sure lexus wants a sleeker f marque car that can seat four, rather than the IsF. Im guessing that is what it may replace
Justin Harris Dec 22, 2011
That's pretty much the only thing I don't like about it. Only the air vents on the front need a little work. Everything else is great.
Justin Harris Dec 22, 2011
It would be nice to see this car in production but hopefully it doesn't look too much like this. I like the shape of the car but Lexus' new signature grille appearing on their recent concepts really doesn't look appealing at all.
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 22, 2011
@Joshua. Chrysler 300 overpriced? Its base is 27k. I don't like the car at all - just saying its not impractical or overpriced. It's actually sometimes the opposite; a car for ppl who can't afford an expensive car but want their car to look expensive
Robert Hansen Dec 22, 2011
To me, the best way to describe the looks of this car is a mix between an s2000 and 300zx! Anyone see that or am I totally crazy?
Joshua Arnott Dec 22, 2011
I feel like it's basically gonna be a sport version of a Chrysler 300. Long hood, chrome wheels, impractical, and overpriced.
Avery Williams Dec 22, 2011
Why make two extra seats in the back? There's hardly any room.
Cole Rocheleau Dec 22, 2011
Another badly designed lexus... Not suprised at all.
Christopher McSween Dec 22, 2011
It's a good design. I think more will like when it's tangible. Hopefully, production doesn't stray from concept.
Forrest Wood Dec 22, 2011
The back half looks good but that's about it. I'm not a big fan of hoods that look like they are 6ft long
Tomas Franquelli Dec 22, 2011
It looks broken in the middle. But I'm drunk, so don't judge.
h6ryc Dec 22, 2011
u boys aint got no taste this car looks fantastic ! n i bet u a million dollers or pounds that if this car had a german badge on it u wouldnt stop talking about it........ Fact .Wel done Lexus keep up the good work!
Bugatti Aficionado Dec 22, 2011
Ham&Cheese wait until the vehicle is actually in production & you can see it in person. These photos aren't giving it justice
Charles Pope Dec 25, 2011
Minecraft has better resolution than this pic!
Tajul Islam Dec 25, 2011
It reminds of a beard trimmer. A very posh beard trimmer.
Luis Abreu Dec 24, 2011
That grill is way to big - needs a line of separation in the middle :-/
Tajul Islam Dec 24, 2011
The front is hurting my eye.
Blaise Stevensen Dec 23, 2011
I kind of like the recessed headlights. 100% positive that won't make it to the production version though.
Dennis A. Glover Dec 22, 2011
It is better than the usual blahmobiles that Lexus gives us. It seems a bit over designed though.
Trevor Brown Dec 22, 2011
@Chloe because the LFA is a limited production $400,000 supercar, and this will be an attainable sports coupe that's much nicer than the 86, but still nowhere near the LFA's level.
Raman Chhabra Dec 22, 2011
Aggressive !! Love it
Tomas Franquelli Dec 22, 2011
Honestly I love it except for the grille...