Description: A free day plus a pair of high-performance vehicles equals one great day racing. Running them in an old military base and adding in some professional grade cameras means that we get to enjoy all the s...
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Charlton Cruz Sep 03, 2012
why Ariel and wiessman together
Joe Johnston Dec 23, 2011
How smart, lets race around in open aired vehicles with no helmets or gear.
Tyler Brady Dec 22, 2011
@Chloe there is a TVR. I'm not a retard
Mario Callirgos Dec 22, 2011
Ya thats because it currently holds the record for acc and top speed The normal veyron 2.6 to 60 and the ss claims a 2.2.
Jerry Richards Dec 22, 2011
I love how whenever there's an article about speed there will almost always be a comment about the veyron
Matthew Johnson Dec 22, 2011
Top end acceleration, for clarification.
Matthew Johnson Dec 22, 2011
The 4 cylinder is supercharged the v8 is twin superbike motor. Top gear driver said the v8 and supercharged 4 cylinder were virtually the same until like 80 or 90. The v8 really shows its power in the top end.
Clark Thompson Dec 22, 2011
Hasn't Carbuzz already posted this video? Or one almost exactly like it?
Mario Callirgos Dec 22, 2011
Two super bike engines one block
Mario Callirgos Dec 22, 2011
That v8 is NOT supercharged. Good try
Pratik Parija Dec 22, 2011
Love how the Atom goes against a Weismann, TVR, Maserati & a Ferrari at the end. Nice
Pratik Parija Dec 22, 2011
The Atom is one of the quickest car in the world because of it power to weight ratio, so it will do well on a track with a lot of turns. Great video
Dale Fredriks Dec 22, 2011
This is the V8 Atom, makes around 500 hp from a supercharged V8. Goes zero to 60 somewhere in the 2.5-2.9 sec range. Not the fastest accelerating, but has insane power to weight ratio and handling.
Ryan Tran Dec 22, 2011
Yeah the definitely the v8 it says 400 bhp on the side I don't think the original produced that much power
Sean Yi Dec 21, 2011
The atom power to weight ration has more power than a Bugatti. Thanks Jeremy Clarkson for that fact
Mario Callirgos Dec 21, 2011
No the veyron ss does a claimed 2.2. I believe the v8 atom does a claimed 2.5
Tyler Brady Dec 21, 2011
And yes that is the v8!
Tyler Brady Dec 21, 2011
I spotted a Ferrari, a TVR, and a Maserati in there as well
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 21, 2011
I think the atom is the worlds fastest accelerating car in the world? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Danny Reed Dec 21, 2011
It's a supercharged Honda engine.
Buddy Robinson Dec 21, 2011
Another fine comparison between to cars of separate classes
Aaron Flanagan Dec 21, 2011
Where is this filmed?
Mario Callirgos Dec 21, 2011
They are some of the fastest rwd cars to 60 and have put down great lap times Part of a growing segment
Eric Michalak Dec 21, 2011
That looks like the v8 atom but I could be wrong.
Michael Kozlowski Dec 21, 2011
It doesn't only have a 4 banger engine but a V8 optional also.
Luke Walker Dec 21, 2011
It's a street legal go cart with an integra type r engine. Very light and power to weight ratio better than lots of supercars. Heard they were bringing out a V6 but dno if this has it.
Chris Penza Dec 21, 2011
Isn't this that 'secret location' in the netherlands?
Description: On paper, the Ariel Atom would win hands down over the Weismann MF3 Roadster. A day zooming around abandoned installations, however, seems fun no matter what vehicle you may be in. This video was shot...
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Joey Pena Dec 22, 2011
I've seen this guy's vids before, he's a great videographer and catches some great stuff that's for sure
Danny Reed Dec 21, 2011
Look at your car then look back at that. Now look back at your car.....u no the rest.