Description: Harrods of London is known for its high-priced goods and over one million square feet of shopping space. Located in Knightsbridge, the upmarket store received an interesting Christmas visitor clad in ...
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Adrià Angeles Planas Dec 23, 2011
Fer això a un F360 hauria d'estar prohibit!
Sidrah Syed Dec 22, 2011
Harrods? What are you talking about Carbuzz?
Tajul Islam Dec 21, 2011
Carbuzz u got it wrong. That's not Harrods, I thought i recognised that video. That happend in 2009. That is my uncles wedding and he was the first one in the UK to hire this limousone. You can see us all there in the video in suits.
Description: The 360 Modena stretched limo can hit a top speed of 166mph, making it the fastest of its kind in the world. The Daily Mail from England reports that the limo was designed by Mancunian businessman Dan...
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Tajul Islam Dec 22, 2011
It'll b a laugh to see that goin around a track.
Tomas Franquelli Dec 22, 2011
Anyone else notice how talented that limo driver was? Champ.
Marko Virtanen Dec 22, 2011
Nice to see try drifting...?
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 21, 2011
Ham & Cheese. HAM & CHEESE!!!
Scott Nussbaum Dec 21, 2011
It's been done before. There is a black one in LA
Eric Michalak Dec 21, 2011
It's not like they chopped one up right off the assembly line. People need to lighten up. It's just a car. I think it still looks fantastic.
Erick Bernal Dec 21, 2011
It's a 360.. Goddamn no one reads
Cian Rules Dec 21, 2011
Why would ruin a perfact 430 and it has a turning circle the size of america
David Eslava Dec 21, 2011
Bmw X6, Aston Convertible, Ferrari Limo... pistonhead family, huh?
Carter Sullivan Dec 21, 2011
Umm he definitely backed it into that wall
Tajul Islam Dec 21, 2011
@Colin, The tape is there to signify it's a wedding carz. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the UK, we put a tape on the cars.
Tajul Islam Dec 21, 2011
You can see us asians there in the video, wearing suits for the wedding. Believe u me, harrods is not an area that run down, it's the complete opposite.
Tajul Islam Dec 21, 2011
How the hell did carbuzz get this video? Officially Carbuzz's source's are redundant. This is my uncles wedding back in 2009, and he was the first one to hire that limo in the UK.
Cody Jacques Dec 21, 2011
Perfect for a middle school prom... yep thats about it
Semuel Maysonet Dec 21, 2011
I wish there was one in the USA
Ricardo Rodriguez Dec 21, 2011
What's the point of that tape on the Hood and in the car. makes him look like an asshat
Natalino Monastra Dec 21, 2011
I'm sick to my stomach !
Michael Evans Dec 21, 2011
The butcher strikes again.
Description: Cawley said to the Mail about his incredible creation "Every boy wants to get into a Ferrari, this was a way for people to be able to do that with seven mates. It's the biggest and craziest ...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 25, 2011
@ tyson haha I agree
Kevin Rehbock Dec 22, 2011
That would be $78k for the car and $312k for the whole conversion. $400k total.
Tyson Broadbent Dec 22, 2011
Top gear could do it with 5000 pounds.
James Jay Putnam Dec 21, 2011
Build price $312K current value $400K
Tajul Islam Dec 22, 2011
Lol i'd pull up in a club with this with a paper bag over my head. Thankfully at the wedding I didn't get in. :D
Nick Rios Dec 21, 2011
Id pull up to the club any day in this.
Ernest Tam Dec 21, 2011
That's how you ruin a 360
Tajul Islam Dec 21, 2011
Doesn't look nice, I must admit.
Tajul Islam Dec 21, 2011
The crease from the back window to the drivers door is where the main door opens, with hydraulics. And i has racing seats all inside.
Shane Jansen Dec 21, 2011
25 more HP for each white duct tape strip
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 21, 2011
Shane its a flippin wedding thing that goes on. Not for Styling or extra power???
Petrolheadjack Dec 21, 2011
f12 fat ? great number plate.. I would say more long than fat ?
Shane Jansen Dec 21, 2011
It's tap to make him look stupid.
Sol Watts Dec 21, 2011
What's with the white stripe