Comments - Jay-Z to Protect Family in Armored Dartz Prombron

Published: Dec 21, 2011
Description: For a man like Jay-Z the automotive world is his oyster, with no vehicle out of his reach. So it may be somewhat of a surprise to discover that instead of opting for a blinged out Bentley he has his s...
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Igor Shevchuk Dec 25, 2011
The Knight isn't better...and plus it's Canadian...
Thomas Trudzinski Dec 22, 2011
What about the "Knight" suv. 10x better!
Carlie George Dec 22, 2011
Am general makes the vehicle for the military and it's way better ,I think hazy jay z is watching no throne just a jack in the deck
Cian Rules Dec 22, 2011
He should get a marauder instead mutch safer and stronger
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Dec 22, 2011
The U.S. army should seriously use these
Marques Bigboi Johnson Dec 21, 2011
Protect yourself from antiillumaniti
Melvin Cerrillo Dec 21, 2011
Why not the knight xv?
Dean Kaitson Dec 21, 2011
He's gotta protect his family from those hood niggas
Bryan Wesly Pascual Dec 21, 2011
You see, Jay-Zed is being wise, practical.... Unlike the others
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 21, 2011
Hey, Jay-Z won't want a blinged out Bentley, he's not the same as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.
Description: Probably not, but if he fancies it this is the car to do it in. Multiple protection levels and a range of interior & exterior trims enable clients to fully customize the Promborn, a car that will ...
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Paul Lissona Dec 23, 2011
Ford would be better, I'm surprised they don't have a tundra version ha for some people.
Nick Benz Dec 21, 2011
The interior stereo and climate looks gm made as well.
Paul Lissona Dec 21, 2011
What's it based off of if anything?
Tim Steinruck Dec 21, 2011
Nice color scheme with the blue headlights as well
Tim Steinruck Dec 21, 2011
Sweet. If I need a survival/zombie-apocalypse vehicle, I'm goin to Dartz for this!
Marques Bigboi Johnson Dec 21, 2011
Ya they used to put whale penis as the leather
Chris Penza Dec 21, 2011
This is actually pretty sweet
Gary Howard Jul 10, 2012
I hate how they use XD series wheels. So tacky
Igor Shevchuk Dec 25, 2011
This is actually the fastest armored vehicle out there...i don't see why u ppl are hating on Dartz anyways...
Zachary Russell Dec 23, 2011
A Knight XV would dominate this Tonka toy.
Adam Zarytsky Dec 22, 2011
Dexter is pretty clueless... Yeah it'll probably have an ecoboost engine and barely move, you're right. Actually I'd be shocked if it had less than 8 cylinders if it's a gas engine
Garrett Frye Dec 21, 2011
I think the idea is that something like the effects of an ied would at least be somewhat deterred by this vehicle
Dexter Cordero Dec 21, 2011
And an IED will take it out real quick
Dexter Cordero Dec 21, 2011
Power to weight ratio on this thing surely sucks. It's an armored car, so unless it has a jet turbine engine under the hood, pretty much any modern economy car can out run it
Shane Jansen Dec 21, 2011
Dexter I highly doubt the engine is slow on this. The milage probably sucks but this isn't slow,
Dexter Cordero Dec 21, 2011
This is probably so slow a 7 year old on his bike can outrun it; most likely handles like a small bungalow on wheels, and the gas mileage of an M1 Abrams. I not impressed at all.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 21, 2011
Rather have a Knight XV just sayin
Tj Blankenship Dec 21, 2011
It's got the Rockstar wheels and grille insert.
Alex Cameron Dec 21, 2011
Fast five had the knight XV, competition for the niche market this is in
Erik Rudolph Dec 21, 2011
Looks like the armored vehicle the rock used in fast five
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 21, 2011
@Lenny: You get a gun and a bottle of Vodka (and I'm not joking). But if I remember right you get a girl as well. :P
Avery Williams Dec 21, 2011
That thing looks like a tank!
David Eslava Dec 21, 2011
I love how every single one of them is different from eachother
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 21, 2011
This is just Beast from every angle
Alberto Marin Dec 29, 2011
@ Tim They are KMC Rockstars
Tim Shreve Dec 22, 2011
please tell me those wheels aren't KMC Rockstars...
FoxRS Dec 21, 2011
Where do I fit my bazooka?
Kevin Rehbock Dec 21, 2011
Holy crap, that C-pillar is huge.
Cody Gillard Oct 08, 2012
Look at that leg room
Alex Bouckley Feb 24, 2012
Umm... Whale penis leather?
Igor Shevchuk Dec 25, 2011
Whale penis is like the softest leather type material out there...that's y they use it.
Marques Bigboi Johnson Dec 21, 2011
Thayer use normal leather they stopes using whale penis
Kevin Rehbock Dec 21, 2011
And for the record, less than 5 of those Monaco edition trucks were actually sold with the leather before Dartz got a lot of negative publicity for it, so they stopped using whale penis leather ultimately.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 21, 2011
The whale penis leather interior is only included in the $1.5 million dollar Monaco edition covered in gold and rubies. This is some other leather, definitely not from whale genitals.
Colin Dzendolet Dec 21, 2011
They only made one like that, like McDonalds, have it your way
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 21, 2011
Yeah, the interior is made of whale d***, to be exact the foreskin.
Kolton Bullard Dec 21, 2011
@Chloe. They are. Or it could be faux whale penis leather due to pathetic groups such as PETA
Phil Freire Dec 21, 2011
Isn't this a heavily modified GM truck? The interior screams it. From the vents to the center console and cup holders to the gauges and steering wheel. Even the knobs.
Ryan Kells Jan 02, 2012
That's a Chevy interior.
Paul Lissona Dec 21, 2011
I'd way rather have ford for trucks too.
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 21, 2011
They must've changed this photo. My comment is unnasuring to the theme
Clay Brewer Dec 21, 2011
I know I have 2007 suburban It's the same
Clay Brewer Dec 21, 2011
Why put a gm dash in there
Tyson Broadbent Dec 21, 2011
So it's gm with the dartz or ford with the knight, I choose ford.
Gianni Falzone Dec 21, 2011
That's definitely the exact Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban console/dash. Coulda picked a better one.
Kirill Norcross Dec 21, 2011
They need to put like angel feather seats in that car..not gm 99 cent seats
Jason Dannheim Dec 21, 2011
I see a GM truck/SUV dash and steering wheel at work here.
Fenil Bhatt Dec 21, 2011
Could that logo be any more obnoxious?
Patrick Schalk Dec 23, 2011
Well then good! That's a big ass engine!
Patrick Schalk Dec 22, 2011
I looked it up. It's available with the 6.0 gas engine, duramax, and the 8.1L gas engine which I believe is a 454 big block.
Patrick Schalk Dec 22, 2011
The H2 had the gas 6.0. It would not be a dog at all. Those iron blocks can take some punishment. My dad has one in his 2500.
Cody Andree Dec 22, 2011
DMax all day boys. Hit it with a chip and blow some coal! Our first gen never got to hot.
Jason W. Evers Dec 22, 2011
This would be a DOG with the 6.0 gasser.
Patrick Schalk Dec 21, 2011
I thought some of the were also sold with the gas 6.0?