Description: Champion Porsche and world-renowned artist Miguel Paredes have paired-up to create one incredible looking Porsche 911 for the 2011 Art Basel Miami Beach show. The sister event to the annual Art Basel ...
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Forrest Wood Dec 22, 2011
Why would you do that to a speedster, that's just stuoid
Description: Paredes' Japanese-inspired design features some great looking art on the sides along with a stunning Geisha-ish woman on the sports car's hood. The limited edition 911 Speedster runs on a 40...
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Justin Tucker Dec 27, 2011
Ok I thought it was stupid but then I was at the aventura mall today (dec 27) and they had it in there (along with many Audis and a Ferrari) and man that thing is beautiful! Price tag of $204k.
Andy Kelly Dec 24, 2011
Dream car I'll probably just buy it for everyday use and occasional thrashing
Tyler Chmieleski Dec 22, 2011
The way this car looks should bring the total down to 355
Ricardo Rodriguez Dec 22, 2011
How would the police describe this on the scanner?
Nick Rios Dec 21, 2011
Saw this in aventura mall in miami yesterday.. Not as bad in person, still ruined tho
Josh Vanderdoelen Dec 21, 2011
is the new trend to destroy nice cars with ugly paint and "art"
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 21, 2011
Ohhhh it comes from the heart. Well shove a fukin goat down there because better shit comes from my ass.
Callum Daly Dec 21, 2011
@Jacob excuse me for not liking a car
Buddy Robinson Dec 21, 2011
Umm guys, they know its expensive and rare, probably vinyl wrapped it then painted it
Timothy Hooker Dec 21, 2011
Do this to volkswagon bugs....not amazing sportscars
Ryu Tsuchiya Dec 21, 2011
WTF??? this car was art before they ruined it!!!
Callum Daly Dec 21, 2011
A bad car made better
Paul Lissona Dec 21, 2011
There's only a few of these in the world and they did the worst to it. Luckily it can be repainted is the best I can say.
Hector Villarrubia Dec 21, 2011
Horrible. This is a crime!
Kyle Anderson Dec 21, 2011
I don't understand why they felt the need to ruin a perfectly good car. A perfectly good (very low production number) car.
Efthimis Deftereos Dec 21, 2011
now it finally looks how it always felt...a beetle!!
Petrolheadjack Dec 21, 2011
make it blue again ?
Stephen Cobbs Dec 21, 2011
The stock powder blue looks better.
Chris Penza Dec 21, 2011
It's so girly. They killed it
Andre_Schulze Dec 22, 2011
"i dont know who you are, but you dont have my respect"
Andre_Schulze Dec 22, 2011
he was speaking the same language as the so called artist. portuguese, to be exact
FoxRS Dec 21, 2011
N�o sei quem �s mas n�o tens o meu respeito...