Comments - Video: Chevrolet COPO Camaro Has its First Run

Published: Dec 20, 2011
Description: Could Chevrolet simply allow the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet get all of the attention? That would be a clear no. Originally introduced at SEMA in November, the COPO Camaro concept has been designed to hand...
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Brahim Gudah Dec 21, 2011
The ls4 in the gxp and ss was aluminum and put out very good torque and hp for the size it was famous for chewing through transmissions my brother went through 3 transmissions in his grand prix gxp
Brahim Gudah Dec 21, 2011
The LS4 was also in the grand prix gxp and Chevy Tahoe and the gmc Yukon and the pickups on top of the monte Carlo ss and impala it really is mass produced and put in everything u just never hear about it because it isn't in the corvette or Camaro
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
Out to a 408ci motor.
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
But these numbers vary because of the different blocks they have. The 5.3 in the trucks I believe is an iron block instead of aluminum same goes for the 2500 HD which is a 6.0 iron block (LQ9). A lot of guys will get the iron block 6.0 and bore it
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
The 6.2 is the LS3. I believe the 5.3 is the LS4 or 5. They put them in the Monte Carlo SS and Impala SS for awhile. The LS1/6 is a 5.7L. LS7 is 7.0 (my favorite). LS2 is 6.0. LS9 is the sc LS3 essentially.
Clint Edwards Dec 20, 2011
If I'm not mistaken, isn't the 5.3 the LS3? Think that aussie Maloo thing has one
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
The do Ham&Cheese. That's what's in the Z71 trucks.
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
Hells yeah. Make it fun to drive in the rain
Vince DeMasi Dec 20, 2011
@patrick that's the one thing I love on my LT1 is it makes max torque at 2500rpms sooo nice
Nick88gm Dec 20, 2011
Chris....ur post is completely wrong.half the muscle cars were small blocks.and pony cars doesn't mean they had a v6 some research
Clint Edwards Dec 20, 2011
Also price, durability, sound amound other reasons
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
One word Joe: torque. We like it. And lots of it.
Chris Bridgers Dec 20, 2011
muscle cars tend to have v8 big blocks, and ponys tend to have v6 or v8. Its just tradition to the car.
Nathan Curtis Dec 20, 2011
It's the American way joe
Vince DeMasi Dec 20, 2011
Woops they didn't supercharge the LS7 still a great engine and they don't add more cylinders because there sticking to how they have been making engines
Carlie George Dec 20, 2011
@joe it's made of aluminum so it's lighter than most competition ,and the price I think they cost 7000$ ,I know my general ppl will tell you the real price oh yeh there's no replacement for displacement !!!!
Vince DeMasi Dec 20, 2011
Finally Chevy chose to supercharge this engine! I would love to have a supercharged LS7
Abir Seba Dec 20, 2011
what were that stats?
Joe Fats Harper Dec 20, 2011
Why have American car companies never learned to count higher than 8 on the number of cylinders? 7.0L is insanely huge for a V8 in my opinion
Brahim Gudah Dec 20, 2011
Lol this makes me happy
Description: Transmission choices include either a two or three-speed automatic, or a five-speed manual. Built using the specifications of the NHRA Stock Eliminator class, Chevrolet has yet to confirm that a produ...
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Lou Dowling Dec 24, 2011
They need to get rid of that stupid rear windshield wiper
Alanda Burroughs Dec 21, 2011
That's some CARBUZZ BS. Chevy has stated that they will make this car just like Ford will offer the CobraJet.
Devin Babyn Dec 21, 2011
Alanda read the end of the paragraph. They haven't decided of they'll make it yet
Alanda Burroughs Dec 21, 2011
Silly rabbit. will be able to buy this's not a's a real offering.
Lou Guerrero Dec 20, 2011
But you can't buy it?
Tyson Broadbent Dec 20, 2011
Yah, but this ain't no v6 base model :)
Dylan Bruder Dec 20, 2011
Corporate Order Parts Option.....classic stuff!
Teddy MacDonell Dec 20, 2011
if you look closely, once he hits about 135 the drive shaft is still intact...
Patrick Schalk Dec 20, 2011
My favorite sound in the world.
Chris Bridgers Dec 20, 2011
Not offering this would be a bad move on chevys part if they wanna fuel the mustang camaro race.
Vince DeMasi Dec 20, 2011
OMG I want that car!! But it said on the bottom concept car not for sale :(
Paul Trahan Dec 20, 2011
The chassis is Australian designed, but the car is made in Canada. The only two cars that GM exported directly from Australia were the last generation GTO and the G8.
Michael Riley Dec 20, 2011
so which was faster? the 7.0L NA or the 327 SC?
Description: Official specs haven't been released for now, but our prediction, based on what's being said by Chevrolet test engineers in this new video, is that the COPO Camaro will be offered in the ver...
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Boyd Boudreaux Dec 20, 2011
Thanks Chevy grow some balls!!!
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 21, 2011
COPO cars looked like plain jain 350's back in the day. Steel wheels and bowtie badges. It's perfect.
Alanda Burroughs Dec 21, 2011
There is no COPO badge. COPO was just a parts ordering center...not a vehicle per se.
Anthony Cordiale Dec 20, 2011
You know shelby has the snake on the grille why can't it have a copo badge
Michael Palazzo Dec 20, 2011
yes I know, looks better tho
Michael Palazzo Dec 20, 2011
should've at least put in the halo ring lights then it would be perfect.
Todd Thornhill Mar 28, 2012
History repeating itself such a beautiful sight Camaro pulling ahead
Tim Preisinger Dec 21, 2011
Very nice looking car! I'm happy they didn't use larger rims. Looks straight down to business.
Nick88gm Dec 20, 2011
exactly what it should look like
David Cho Dec 20, 2011
Yep gotta fit that fat tire in the back looks sweet
Josh Thompson Dec 20, 2011
Is it just me or does the rear fender bulge out even more? Badass looking car
Hamza Hamid Dec 20, 2011
I wish this were street legal. I'd get one in a heartbeat
Vince DeMasi Dec 20, 2011
There also small to get some slicks on that bad boy
Josh Thompson Dec 20, 2011
That's how dragster wheels are setup the front rims are smaller so it leans downward in the front for better aerodynamics, I had the same set up on my '62 Nova
Joe Fats Harper Dec 20, 2011
Yeah, those rims are way to small
Michael Palazzo Dec 20, 2011
you can tell its supercharged cause the hood sticks up higher in the middle.
Paul Lissona Dec 20, 2011
Me too haha beat me to it.
Chris Harrison Dec 20, 2011
Nick I saw the same thing
Nick Benz Dec 20, 2011
At first glance i thought it said ford on that back quarter panel. That wouldve been funny
Ernie Lemus Dec 20, 2011
It's not a bump. It's called a cowl induction hood
Dillon Dixon Dec 20, 2011
Looks fantastic. Can't wait for a drag race between this and the cobra jet. Gonna be epic!!
Chris Tietjen Dec 20, 2011
Looks stupid with such w large bump on the hood
A5D5A5M Dec 20, 2011
very very nice , and nice wheels!!
Marc Millet Dec 24, 2011
vull viure dins d'aquest cotxe
Alanda Burroughs Dec 21, 2011
Drag racing inspired? It IS a drag car...sheesh! What do you think this car is designed for?
Tim Preisinger Dec 21, 2011
As Evan said, love the drag racing inspired interior. More I see of this car the more I like it!
Cody Andree Dec 20, 2011
Rpm accuracy, shift light, etc. Stock gauge may not keep up properly maybe.
Luke Bailey Dec 20, 2011
quarterstick!! lol, we used them in school on our 350 bucket cars....
Vince DeMasi Dec 20, 2011
Very nice I'm loving that shifter