Posted on: Dec 02, 2011
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A. Kahn Design Styles the Range Rover Evoque

It was only a matter of time until A. Kahn Design got their hands on a Range Rover Evoque.
The three-door Range Rover Evoque has just received a tuning package from British Range Lovers A. Kahn Design. The company formerly known as Project Kahn has giving the Evoque a styling kit in lieu of a body kit. Kahn's styling kit includes such tweaks like yellow brake calipers, a reddish/orange roof (with more colors available), aluminum pedals, 35mm lowered suspension and privacy glass. A touch screen navigation system is also included for some added luxury.
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The Evoque project sits on a set of 20"-22" Kahn RS600 wheels. Check out Kahn's latest offering a Range Rover, and let us know whether the Evoque might be something you may be interested in.

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