Description: Known for their extravagant tuning of supercars, Swiss tuning firm FAB Design appear to have creating tuning projects for the Bugatti Veyron and Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe on their agenda. Sketches on ...
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Madhav Dutt Dec 23, 2011
Actually how much wider can they male it man! The maybach is just gonna look worse
Paul Pickard Dec 19, 2011
How much wider does the veyron need to be?
Description: Xenatec was recently placed into liquidation with eight Maybach Coupes finished and three remaining incomplete. It seems highly unlikely therefore, that FAB Design will release this package unless of ...
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Ryu Tsuchiya Dec 19, 2011
I hate this company, they're ruining every good car
Lenny AutoLen Reed Dec 19, 2011
Sarah Dinh Sep 20, 2014
Right = Before and Left = After
Betim Rushiti Jan 29, 2013
Madhav Dutt Dec 23, 2011
The handling isn't even close to sloppy on the contrary it's bloody good @Cody
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 20, 2011
Gt5 it handles worse than the tank car. Ps the topgear track is enormous. It wouldn't look like it's going off because of camera angles
Tajul Islam Dec 19, 2011
You cannot criticise a car by not driving it. And u cannot criticise a car based on someone elses opinion - which by the way cannot be seen as facts. The Bug had done what the Concorde has donne for the plane, revolutionise and set new standards.
Michael Kozlowski Dec 19, 2011
Yeaa I disagree with you Cody, watch the lap and tell me it's not good handling. It has practically no body roll. Not that that its the only thing but still it's not a slouch for the turns.
Elijah Keshun Buchanan Dec 19, 2011
The bugatti is my favorite car
Wayne William Hitchcock Dec 19, 2011
These designs blow my mind!
Clint Edwards Dec 19, 2011
@Cody I would suggest actually watching the lap, it's nowhere near as bad as you're making out
Cody Andree Dec 19, 2011
The handling is bunk don't kid urself look at it. That time is all straight line acceleration. It gains seconds over other cars just from that. Just gains more seconds with acceleration than u lose with handling, so ya it's fast no shit.
Justin Harris Dec 19, 2011
I do like the air vents under the headlights on the bugatti. The blades in the middle of them actually give a proper place to put the license plate lol
Clint Edwards Dec 19, 2011
@Cody I believe the normal Veyron is 5th fastest at the Top Gear track, and the SS is 2nd I think. I hardly think that's what I'd call sloppy handling
Luke Bailey Dec 19, 2011
maybach looks pretty good....
Cody Andree Dec 19, 2011
Buggatti is so useless for 2 million dollars. A pure straight line performer. And ugly as sin. Never make a turn in this thing
Luke Walker Dec 19, 2011
That maybach looks sweet!!
FoxRS Dec 19, 2011
too much Money for such small brains... why change perfection?