Comments - Colorful Ferrari 355 GTS Art Car by Ton Pret

Published: Dec 19, 2011
Description: We don't nomally discuss Dutch contemporary painters but when a stock yellow-colored Ferrari F355 GTS is transformed into a wonderful work of art by one, there's really no choice. Ton Pret&a...
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Frenchbulldog Dec 19, 2011
Man oh man this thing is ugly.
Marthy Gajardo Dec 19, 2011
In the end this artwork does not fit the car! Shouldve tried it on a ford fiesta cuz the colors look more festive!
Chris Penza Dec 19, 2011
@natalino, most of them do look cool, as long as they aren't kiddy nfs style
Natalino Monastra Dec 19, 2011
Can you stop painting good cars!
Description: The car was hand-painted using a small size brush and in order to reach the desired depth of colors, the painting had to be done at least three times. Speaking on the car's origins, Ton said: &qu...
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Gregory Fatguy Dec 19, 2011
Nice job to give that perv an idea to create art on a Ferrari.but I'm not gonna lie,that is beast af
Frenchbulldog Dec 19, 2011
Anybody else want to see this ferriea burn.
David Eslava Dec 19, 2011
A ferrari even more pornographical than before!
Vito Portanova Dec 19, 2011
What a joke. Leave the damn cars alone! In original factor color,wheels everything!
Chris Penza Dec 19, 2011
What the hell? Ok art cars also aren't good if there are people riding on the side
Bob Thebuilder Dec 19, 2011
Haha! This is beautiful
Thibault Leroy Dec 19, 2011
hahaha i see. why would you paint that on a ferrari though?!?!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 19, 2011
Ahhaha that is hilarious. Thanks.
Craig 'Chucky' Wycherley Dec 19, 2011
Anyone noticed this pic is slightly rude if not turn it sideways
Thibault Leroy Dec 19, 2011
you see when you're next to a Ferrari patience comes naturaly
Dale Schroeder Dec 19, 2011
I'm definitely impressed. Spending seven straight weeks hand-painting an entire car had to take an amazing level of patience.
Marthy Gajardo Dec 19, 2011
Whats better than one smiley face? How bout several more!
Chris Penza Dec 19, 2011
Hmmmmm. I'm gonna draw people riding