Comments - Unique of the Week: 1973 Lamborghini Jarama GTS

Published: Dec 17, 2011
Description: For those who don't know the story, Italian industrialist Ferruccio Lamborghini's first business enterprise was in tractor manufacturing. His success quickly grew and he went on to become a ...
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Josh ?hompson Dec 18, 2011
That's why I'm a lambo guy lol
Chris Penza Dec 17, 2011
I love how he started the company because his Ferrari stopped working
Thibault Leroy Dec 18, 2011
theres also a red jarama GT on ebay for 62,000$
Adam Sampson Dec 18, 2011
If there was something wrong with the car it would have a bigger reputation. I don't think they sold many and it's massively overshadowed by Miura and Countach.
Marc Andrews Dec 17, 2011
What a beautiful car!
Nicolas Pons Dec 17, 2011
Very good looking car
Tanton Stoneman Dec 17, 2011
No it's not. To be honest this is the first I've heard of this thing!
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 17, 2011
My neighbor has a jalpa I think.
Description: He owned various Alfa Romeos, Lancias, a Mercedes-Benz 300SL, a Jaguar E-Type, and two Maserati 3500 GTs. More importantly, he also bought a Ferrari 250GT.

And after a bad experience with Ferr...
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Paul Lissona Feb 12, 2012
I'm an example of an Italian American who dk much Italian food ha.
Dexter Cordero Dec 17, 2011
I agree, but also on another note, I can hardly call pizza and pasta great Italian cuisine - because there is just so much to the Italian culinary traditions than what a typical pizzeria has to offer. Sadly most American-Italians just know those two
Scott Gracey Dec 17, 2011
Both are very nice but I'd rather take a Ferrari over a lambo, take either in a heartbeat tho
Joshua Arnott Dec 17, 2011
Ferrari did make some of the biggest advances though early on.
Chris Penza Dec 17, 2011
I learned all this already on pawn stars :)
Description: Introduced in 1970 and built until '76, the Jarama was penned by renowned automotive designer Marcello Gandini. It was powered by the familiar V12 and was built specifically for export to the U.S...
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stacey sl Aug 19, 2012
i see 1986 carolla
Andrew McNeal Apr 28, 2012
Heck, if you pulled up to a club in 2012 driving this you could still get laid.
Joshua Trillizio Dec 18, 2011
In 1973 if you pulled up to any disco club in this car I'm pretty sure you would get laid.
Albert Jaramillo Dec 17, 2011
I don't see how anyone can call this beautiful. U G L Y!
Justen Truhett Dec 17, 2011
I don't think I a hatch, my car (79 cutlass salon) has that same rear end they call it a fast back
David Cho Dec 17, 2011
1 half sports car 1 half pinto lol
Nicolas Pons Dec 17, 2011
The problem Is the window is unproportional, that hurts asthetics
Lee Oleinick Dec 17, 2011
Would love to be the owner of this rare and very classic exotic. Can you imagine all the stares you would get driving this down the street?
Josiah Thomas Clements Dec 17, 2011
I know im gonna get a lot of crap for this but kinda like it. It's unique...
John Trimborn Dec 17, 2011
Looks like a lambo went slummin with an AMC and this is the love child.
Mark Walden VII Dec 17, 2011
I know it's classic. But, it's very unattractive.
Tyler Bono Dec 17, 2011
That rear does remind one of the pinto. The front is attractive though.
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 17, 2011
Looks like an '80s crap hatch.
Description: The original was the GT model that had 350hp but when the GTS was introduced in 1973, output was increased to 365hp. The GTS also had power assisted steering, removable roof panels, and even an option...
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Description: The seller is also including an original tool and jack kit, spare wheel and tire, and owner's manual.

It currently has a 'Buy it Now' price of $79,000, but the seller is taking ...
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Tanton Stoneman Dec 17, 2011
That's pretty odd. Never heard of it though
muhib94 Dec 20, 2011
what's wrong with datsun's?
Nick88gm Dec 18, 2011
I was gonna say the same looks like a datsun from the rear.I love it.Idk how ppl r calling it ugly
Josh Thompson Dec 18, 2011
I would drive this anywhere I love old lambos not exactly pretty to some but to me this is beautiful especially for the 70's
Daniel Bellafonte Dec 17, 2011
Even though it reminds me of a Datsun this is one lovely exotic.
Kyle Anderson Dec 17, 2011
I love those exhaust pipes.
John Trimborn Dec 17, 2011
yea, I'm digging the rear with this angle.
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 17, 2011
I'm posting a retraction.
Reid Huff Dec 18, 2011
I never use the middle seat in my car. Its too small I don't understand why everybody wants to have it.
Dexter Cordero Dec 18, 2011
But muscle cars from the same era had a full rear bench seat which could easily sit 3
Jerry Townsend Dec 18, 2011
......along with being extra low to the ground, especially that time frame. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Jerry Townsend Dec 18, 2011
@Dexter..rear wheel drive.....
Shane Heid Dec 17, 2011
Don't forget the thunderbird sc lol
Dexter Cordero Dec 17, 2011
I don't understand why the heck can't they make good cars to seat 5. It's always a 2+2 config.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 17, 2011
You forgot the NSX, 300ZX, and the McLaren F1...
Scott Gracey Dec 17, 2011
Supra should be on that list hana
Shane Jansen Dec 17, 2011
@David that's right because there were none.
Chris Penza Dec 17, 2011
@David the Diablo and F40 aren't good enough? But besides that I agree
Tomas Franquelli Dec 17, 2011
Holy crap that's pretty. And there were lots of great nineties cars, there were just more horrible ones. Lol
Clint Edwards Dec 17, 2011
Looks immaculate for the time
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 17, 2011
Is that a good thing? I can't remember one car that I liked from the '90s
Buddy Robinson Dec 17, 2011
Looks more late 90's than 70's
Dexter Cordero Dec 18, 2011
I don't think this is the car for sale on eBay
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Dec 17, 2011
Looks like its brand new , breathtaking condition
Anthony Noon Dec 17, 2011
I don't think this is the stock interior. I know it's 6,6k mile car but still looks too new for the car
Logan LeMonnier Dec 17, 2011
79k is a great price for this kind of perfection
Aaron Porter Dec 17, 2011
This car is ridiculously clean
Chris Penza Dec 17, 2011
Overall seems like a good buy to me
Matthew Leon Dec 17, 2011
Easy to fix I suppose