Comments - Hyundai to Advertise During the Super Bowl

Published: Dec 17, 2011
Description: Hyundai, the up and coming automotive giant, will have its first Super Bowl TV advertisement in the forthcoming NFL final on February 5th. According to John Krafcik, Hyundai CEO, the brand should be m...
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Description: Chrysler sales grew by 25 percent and its market share was up from 1.3 to 10.7 percent. Volkswagen sales grew by 25.3 percent and its market share was up by 0.3 percent to 2.5 percent thanks to their ...
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Matt Walker Dec 17, 2011
I was too, really. The writing and the presentation is powerful, definately. I'm glad they show some pride in their work. And honestly, the new models are lookin better. Buuuut the build quality is still questionable.
Nick Belkoff Dec 17, 2011
Yea I agree Matt. Not a fan of the 200 but I am incredibly proud of Chrysler for that commercial. I'm glad someone is proud to be an American car maker and flaunt Detroit.
Matt Walker Dec 17, 2011
The numbers show something genuinely disturbing: people buy cars based on how clever a comercial is. Buy the car for the car, no rapper can make the 200 cool... aaannnnd this isn't news. Is Coca-cola or Pepsi going to advertise as well? I can't wait!
Matt Moeller Dec 17, 2011
Ironic considering Chrysler is owned by Italians not Detroit.
Colby Church Dec 17, 2011
It was a Darth Vader and Jetta promotional commercial by Volkswagen, not Darth Vader and Beetle. Great article though.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Dec 17, 2011
Exactly the same ad in all europe
Devin Babyn Dec 17, 2011
It so damn funny the first time you see it. Instant classic
Jason Bryant Dec 18, 2011
I had a feeling that it is a mercedes
Jordan Smith Dec 17, 2011
This was a great commercial.
Zachary Maurer Dec 19, 2011
@ David, this is Woodward avenue, he is at the fox theater, next to hockytown cafe and across from comerica park
Michael Gallagher Dec 18, 2011
Lol, oh Jeze... The thins I could Say buy don't know where to start. Detroit lol
Greg Kenerly Dec 17, 2011
I think it's funny that they have him in a 200. At least hook him up with a black srt8 300.
Vincent Butler Dec 17, 2011
The legend? Calm Down
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 17, 2011
This is probably 8 mile road.
Landon Combass Dec 17, 2011
I love this car, it's a great car. Has lots of luxury.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 17, 2011
He's like the greatest thing that happened to detroit..... Along with the mustang... ;p
Brent Bennett Dec 17, 2011
Hey, isn't M&M from detroit? Guess he does have a peanut center!