Comments - Video: Life and Death Moment on the Russian Motorway

Published: Dec 16, 2011
Description: There are several kinds of lucky. They range from awesome-lucky in terms of meeting a total babe at a party to legendary-lucky like barely catching a game-winning touchdown pass in a high school playo...
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Duncan Gibson Dec 20, 2011
I really love Russians.
Robby Bradford Dec 17, 2011
And another article about russia. What's up with this carbuzz?
Ramsin Khoshbakht Dec 17, 2011
Wow, what is this intro? LOL.
Matthew Crighton Dec 17, 2011
Im pretty sure he means when you get lucky! Lol
Description: It is the type of lucky where all you can think of is "I'm about to die and can't move so please (insert higher deity of choice here) help me!" This would be the latter.
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Duncan Gibson Dec 20, 2011
Because they all speak Russian?
KeRon Jones Dec 18, 2011
Lucky and why all russians sound alike??
Robby Bradford Dec 17, 2011
I gotta say I'm not so sure if that's a good truck driver there I'm pretty sure he shouldn't have been drifting...
Darren Nardo Dec 17, 2011
Hope that lucky bastard went and played the lottery!!!
Mohammad AL-sulimani Dec 17, 2011
Unbelievable Was to close
Norman Agustin Dec 17, 2011
I don't think the driver was passing because he wanted to. The truck in front slowed down dramatically because the semi came into his lane which was trying to avoid the snow plow truck.
Quinn Conner Dec 17, 2011
Caused the truck to drift
Quinn Conner Dec 17, 2011
Half of you guys don't even understand what happened. The red plow truck was driving slow. The drifting truck wasn't judging distance and he swerved into the other lane as to not read end the red truck. Bridge is slippery and to much weight transfer
Kevin Rehbock Dec 17, 2011
Was Ken Block driving that truck? I would have shit cinder blocks.
Mark Suvorov Dec 17, 2011
Their impression not so surprised They didn't even say OMG Or something like NOOO They said what a bitch and that's all
Matthew Crighton Dec 17, 2011
Soviet Russia- Breaking news! 18 wheel tractor trailer splatters driver and passenger of small car while drifting through traffic on a two lane highway. Lol
Nicholas Britt Dec 16, 2011
Love it,doesn't get much closer. And you don't need to speak Russian to know what they are saying
Josiah Thomas Clements Dec 16, 2011
A few inches closer and he would have been pavement paint... O.o
Max Houtris Dec 16, 2011
I think he was just trying not to rearend the truck. Not overtake
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 16, 2011
In soviet Russia. Truck drift you!
Alanda Burroughs Dec 16, 2011
DUDE!!! I would be pulling over and crying after that! LOL! No way I could drive right afterwards. But he was stupid to be trying to pass when he did anyway.
Vincent Butler Dec 16, 2011
Michael nothing happened, so keep on driving
Tim Steinruck Dec 16, 2011
Holy cow I'm scared to drive this winter xD glad he made it safely
Blaire Quattro Dec 16, 2011
Lol it almost looks casual 0.0 like, yeah this happens all the time xD
Michael Riley Dec 16, 2011
oh yes just keep driving like nothin happened
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Dec 16, 2011
Wat a truck drift with the flying snow and coming within inches of the gaurd rale
Carlie George Dec 16, 2011
Inertia is a bitch,some of the best drivers are cdl a drivers the amount of concentration is staggering he did the right thing turn the wheel and and module the trailer brake wow
Ryan Huon Dec 16, 2011
How is that luck, the guy was trying to over take the van, if he didn't even try that he wouldn't have been in that situation.
Zachary Maurer Dec 16, 2011
This guyy is very lucky, but I love how he justs keeps on driving, like it was a normal day
Alex Zanardi Wetterstrom Dec 16, 2011
Colin McRae isn't dead he's in Russia driving semis. WRC style!
Dillon Dixon Dec 16, 2011
Major props to the truck driver. That must of missed them by inches.
Jesse Demasi Dec 16, 2011
That guy is good at drifting I never thought you could drift a tractor and trailer but that was really intense and that guy got so lucky
Raymond Reynoso Dec 16, 2011
That truck driver really had somewhere to go
Andrew Hubbard Dec 16, 2011
In Soviet Russia you can drift anything. Lol
Michael Gallagher Dec 16, 2011
I got nervous. That was beyond intense..
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 16, 2011
Wow! Thats one lucky bastard!!!
Aundreav Anderson Dec 16, 2011
That truck driver is not a good driver he hit the red truck but that some good cop work right on it lol
Cody Jacques Dec 16, 2011
In soviet russia we laugh in the face of death!
Adam Page Dec 16, 2011
I have a code brown, I repeat I have sh!t my pants!!!
Barry Boo Wilson Dec 16, 2011
Break out the vodka on that one.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 16, 2011
Tanner foust was right, you can drift anything lol.
Description: The subjects driving the car have their view completely obstructed by a big-rig right in front of them. It slows down presumably to avoid the oncoming big-rig, which has lost total control. The oncomi...
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Dale Fredriks Dec 16, 2011
Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia...