Description: Earlier this week, Lexus teased a photo of a new concept headed to the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The automaker has just announced that a second model will be making its way to the North American Interna...
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Description: The facelift will include some aesthetic tweaks on both the front and rear along with some new materials, however its 5.7-liter V8 engine should remain. Some changes for slightly better fuel economy m...
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Maciej Moryl Dec 17, 2011
This truck looks, runs, and feels amazing but the price and the amount of gasoline that it takes is way over the roof!
Benjamin McCormick Dec 17, 2011
Range Rover over this all the way.
Frenchbulldog Dec 16, 2011
But it still is ugly I would cover it in mud.
Clint Edwards Dec 16, 2011
@Shaylen you can off-road in a range quite well, nobody does though. This is just as likely, if not more, to never set foot off the pavement
Shaylen Kumar Patel Dec 16, 2011
Yeah. I like this over the range. You can actually go and use this off road if you wanted to.
David Rosenberg Dec 16, 2011
This is the old one jerks u don't read
Esam Mohammad Dec 16, 2011
I kinda Like this more than a rangerover .. What do you guys think ?
Benjamin McCormick Dec 17, 2011
It just looks cheap and generically Jap inside to me.
Frenchbulldog Dec 16, 2011
That's why there is going to be updated
Zachary Maurer Dec 16, 2011
Mercedes has better interiors/ but this is a very understated suv/ it's bigger than range rovers, it has good build quality, like rovers, and it's a tad bit cheaper than some rovers
Julian Pilinci Dec 16, 2011
No other SUV has better interiors than Range Rover!
Shaylen Kumar Patel Dec 16, 2011
Its better looking than the ranges from like 05/06.
Nick Rios Dec 16, 2011
I had the 05 model. Loved it
Josiah Thomas Clements Dec 16, 2011
Really? It might just be me but I find this a little boring... And slightly dated looking.
Marques Bigboi Johnson Dec 16, 2011
Yea I agree better then range rovers