Description: Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has around 3,000,000 residents. As one of the more important areas in Eastern Europe in terms of industry, science, education and culture, one resident has managed to out...
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Frenchbulldog Dec 16, 2011
Money does not buy smarts
Andrew Hubbard Dec 16, 2011
How do you get rich in Ukraine lol
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 16, 2011
Idiot indeed. I actually winced reading the last sentence, especially about the officer.
Derek Hedtke Dec 16, 2011
When it says runs a red I think it implies that it's a red light
Tyler Watkins Dec 16, 2011
Shouldn't the say runs a red light?
Description: The two most prominent members of the crash, which occurred last month, were a Mercedes-Benz CL550 and the aforementioned police officer (who was directing traffic at the time).
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Melvin Cerrillo Dec 17, 2011
It's those invisible pelicans again. First the bugatti, now this
Pratik Parija Dec 17, 2011
Hope the police is okay.
Cody Andree Dec 16, 2011
Ya theres a few second pause from a red to green for a reason.
Emmanuel Irizarry Dec 16, 2011
I was hoping it was a traffic cam
Justin Harris Dec 16, 2011
Gary of course it's terrible filming! I haven't even watched the vid and I knew it would be. I wouldn't have a steady hand either (unless it was on a traffic cam) if lives could have been at stake.
Brahim Gudah Dec 16, 2011
He's referring to the fact that the guy probably wasn't just trying to beat the yellow light, he would have had to run through a light that had been red for a while
Raymond Reynoso Dec 16, 2011
How can you tell from the video that the light was red for a long time?
Axel Cousins Dec 16, 2011
It looks like the light was red for a while and not just turn red. What a freak idiot. That is sad what happened to the Mercedes and the pictures make it seem that the Bentley has only door dens. Thank god that no one was hurt or seriously hurt.
Tim Steinruck Dec 16, 2011
Well they will never run a light again.
Ethan Amo Mar 19, 2012
I see a Volvo and a merc here
Will Scott Dec 18, 2011
That guy is rite the car on the rite is a merc the one on the left is the Volvo
Mattaius Younger Dec 17, 2011
The car on the right with the crushed front end is a Mercedes
David Rosenberg Dec 16, 2011
It's not a merc it's a Volvo
Buddy Robinson Dec 16, 2011
Poor Rav4, unfortunate for the Merc too
Description: The cop only suffered a broken leg, though it could have easily been much worse. Amongst the injured vehicles were a Toyota Rav4, Volvo S60 and a Vaz. Photos courtesy of avtopoligon.
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Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 16, 2011
Whew. I was sure the policeman must have broke his spine at least.
Ken Madison Dec 16, 2011
Dang. Only a broken leg.... I'd still be mad. At least the guy will get a nice set up with some perc 30s or something hopefully.
Matt Walker Dec 17, 2011
Hopefully he learned not to run a red light like a dumbass
Ahmad Al-Ashqar Dec 16, 2011 lovely CL look what happened to u :( Shit i hate to see this car totalled :s
Jonathan Romero Dec 16, 2011
Whoou you know that car dead lol, that sucks, car accidents are never pretty..
Ben Gary Dec 16, 2011
Merc definitely got the worse end of the deal.
Josiah Thomas Clements Dec 16, 2011
Well sadly that's totaled... :/
Ayham Abazied Jan 27, 2012
The driver is stupid to hit a Bentley like this "the Bentley's driver"
Luis A Villalpando Dec 20, 2011
I'd be suing the guy responsible for the entire price of a new car if this were to happen to my car, I'd be pissed
Matthew Crighton Dec 17, 2011
Oh its just a dent, it should buff right out. I should be good as new after a new paint job.
Jonathan Romero Dec 16, 2011
It's like seeing a decapitated corpse and u can see it's insides and the puddle of blood in lies on, this case the oil lol.. Dang..
Dillon Dixon Dec 16, 2011
Ummm.......I think your car has a leak.
Kevin Callejas Dec 16, 2011
That merc got annihilated!!!!!!!!
Zachary Maurer Dec 16, 2011
Oh crap is that a Mercedes Benz cl class!
Will Scott Dec 18, 2011
Just a minor fender bender But it still sucks Wat happened to the bently driver where is he/she
Zachary Maurer Dec 16, 2011
The worst part is, even thow this Jack caused the accident, he is one of the two cars that look only semi damaged
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Dec 16, 2011
Just because you drive a bently doesn't mean your unstoppable
David Rosenberg Dec 16, 2011
My car got kissed by a bentley!! Lol
Chris Benson Dec 16, 2011
That'll buff right out.