Description: Nicki Minaj likes to call herself "Barbie," and with her brand-new pink Bentley Continental GT, she is certainly trying hard to instill that image unto herself in more ways than one. The cli...
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Shane Jansen Dec 14, 2011
I'm not hating or trolling but she sucks lol, actually maybe a man to. Oh and the car wasn't necessary.
Nathan Curtis Dec 14, 2011
Screw that. 458 Italia. Now that's what I'm talking about
Raymond Reynoso Dec 14, 2011
I'll gladly be a hater and say Nicky Minaj sucks.
Marques Bigboi Johnson Dec 14, 2011
I hate how cleberitys don't appreciate these and built ars and just get them to show they got money
Erick Bernal Dec 14, 2011
Mulsanne** is more if your being driven.
Erick Bernal Dec 14, 2011
@Austin. A. it's the cheapest Bentley and B. The most common. And the Musslane
Justin Harris Dec 14, 2011
I'm not trying to hate on her but why did she need to but a gt? It's not like she's going to take it to the nurburgring...
Zaire Wilkins Dec 14, 2011
its ashame nothing but haters throwing salt smh
Justin Chaplin Dec 14, 2011
You guys are really hating on her in all honesty because she the pink to have an all pink Bentley and you all don't...get a better job
Weston Caloyer Dec 14, 2011
Just my opinion but someone who feels the need to do this to a Bentley should be put in jail.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 14, 2011
The Barbie name suits her. Her name alone makes millions but she's made of nothing but plastic.
Michael Gallagher Dec 14, 2011
Wow.. She is more retarded then what I give her credit for
Brady Fereday Dec 14, 2011
Thought the hoe Hilton did this already lol xD
Description: Check out Nicki Minaj in her Bentley in the video clip below.
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Alanna Galligan Apr 21, 2013
The video doesn't exist?
Luke Murphy Mar 09, 2012
Love the wheels nick
Zach Sullivan Dec 18, 2011
Justin I'm not talkin shit I'm just stating a fact I dnt care what people do with their cars and as overused as it may be I love black on black cuz it's simple, clean and always looks good
Shane Jansen Dec 15, 2011
@Matthew if we are supposed to keep our comments to ourselves why is there a section and option to comment?
Matthew Crighton Dec 15, 2011
Can everyone stop hating for once? If she wants a pink car, let her have her pink car. if you dont like her taste and style, than keep ur thoughts to yourself.
No Pistons Dec 14, 2011
@justin Technically yes, those all physically improve the car, paint doesn't But I know what your getting at :p
Vince DeMasi Dec 14, 2011
Wtf she couldn't even leave her parking spot the paparazzi are so ignorant
Justin Routh Dec 14, 2011
Lol most of you are so ignorant in what you say. You like upgraded engine/suspension/aero/ect. She likes pink paint and big rims. Is one better? No its just personal preference.
Shane Jansen Dec 14, 2011
Lol she's so nasty xD I think all colors work for the car to, besides the pink, just so awkward looking.
Hank Austin Dec 14, 2011
People who focus on celebrities too much have no lives
Raymond Reynoso Dec 14, 2011
I hate rap music and all the garbage that comes out as a result of its existence.
Justin Chaplin Dec 14, 2011
And yes I called you Zachary kid
Justin Chaplin Dec 14, 2011
Zachary your talkin shit but you have the most overused style anyway on your on black is seen day to day
Zach Sullivan Dec 14, 2011
With a neon paint job and lexani rims. It's all about the " Look at me I got money" factor
Zach Sullivan Dec 14, 2011
I'm not surprised at all at the car. We all no that the rapper/ gangster/ ghetto style is big, flashy, and pointless example watch any rap vid and they will be in either a nice muscle car like a chevelle with stupid 28" rims or a really expensive car
Justin Harris Dec 14, 2011
In my opinion if bentley wishes to stop things like this from happening, they need to go super fancy. By that I mean sophisticated and serious at the same time. It's like Monaco, everybody raises their behaviors but it's not like it's a law. P.S. I'm not a hater but I don't like the car either.
Michael Gallagher Dec 14, 2011
@chloe. Point and case then
Thibault Leroy Dec 14, 2011
@Justin i agree seriously coby the only car you own is like in need for speed or something grow up
Justin Chaplin Dec 14, 2011
Colby's panties are really in a bunch about a car that isn't his or something you could even afford...your balls haven't even dropped yet and you're complaining about someones car...grow up kid...there's only one life to live so she can have a pink Barbie car if shewants
Colby Church Dec 14, 2011
What dumb rich girls buy for attention.... Her music, brain, and car taste all blow. I hope she wrecks it, I'll laugh. Hard.
Knox Ferraro Dec 14, 2011
Looking at this thread, I'd buy a pink Bentley just to piss poor people off. Which is exactly what she did.
Khaled Ali Dec 14, 2011
Who is nicki minaj ?!
Majed Ameeri Dec 14, 2011
It's annoying wen there ain't any traffic any u gotta stop
Nicolas Blake Mullen Dec 14, 2011
Zombie attack! Haha
Jesse Demasi Dec 14, 2011
She should've done something that doesn't stick out not as many people would've know it's her probably
Yousef Saad Dec 14, 2011
Bentley its not a girl car
gilles_roche Dec 14, 2011
If the car wasn't pink I guess there would have been 50 less people..
Jonathan Tjandra Dec 14, 2011
Paris hilton got a pink bently too Nicki minaj copy paris style
Patrick Schalk Dec 14, 2011
It's too bad there aren't any real car enthusiasts around to tell her how horrible her car looks. I would've.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 14, 2011
It's a pink Bentley. I would have floored it to the nearest paint shop.
Michael Kozlowski Dec 14, 2011
Should of used all those 500 horses to clear a path away from those pestering people
Michael Gallagher Dec 14, 2011
Bicthes be crazy. She's just a person. And a weird one at that lol.
Danny Tran Dec 14, 2011
That is something else...
Humza Husain Dec 23, 2011
stop being such a little bitch. "I can't come to a site anymore because it even though the article was just showing us a weird car, it wasn't SERIOUS enough for me." THEY'RE the pansies?? You treat cars like some religion cult thing. Its one article you didn't like. Get over it.
Mike Nembhard Dec 17, 2011
I gonna have to stop coming on here. Thought this was for serious car enthusiasts. Never seen so much written garbage in my life. f@#*+ng Pansies!!
Patrick Schalk Dec 17, 2011
And then your junk would fall off and grow legs and start walking around.
Brett ColtsSuck Day Dec 14, 2011
What a waste of life.
Kenneth Williams Dec 14, 2011
Pepto bismal with chrome
Devin Babyn Dec 14, 2011
Gianna how is she a nobody if she has multiple hit songs that are constantly played on the radio? And no I am not a fan of hers at all
Marques Bigboi Johnson Dec 14, 2011
The only thing that girl was hood for wad dat ass lol
Chris Penza Dec 14, 2011
A bently is not plastic you idiot. It's one of the most luxurious cars you can buy
Ada Onwukaike Dec 14, 2011
Plastic cars for plastic celeb's ass hol
Patrick Schalk Dec 14, 2011
Bubble gum? More like pepto bismol. Nicki Minaj probably bought that cause she had diarrhea.
Gianni Falzone Dec 14, 2011
Andrew, you must be impaired. He's saying she's a nobody, which she is. She's garbage, and so is her car.
Anthony Cordiale Dec 14, 2011
Yeah bentley is going green with biodegradable cars. When your done driving it you can take a piece of it to chew on. Worlds first bubble gum car lol.
Dale Schroeder Dec 14, 2011
That shade of pink makes it look like it was carved out of bubblegum.
Anthony Cordiale Dec 14, 2011
She copied Paris Hilton and got a pink bentley. The car matches minaj's hair lol
Andrew Grimm Dec 14, 2011
If you read the freaking article, you would know that it is nicki minaj
Christian De Prisco Dec 14, 2011
Who the fcuk is this? Anyone?