Description: The Lamborghini Murcielago is a gorgeous car which needs no introduction, yet this one particular owner thought that owning a prestigious Raging Bull like this wasn't enough of an attention-grabb...
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Brooks Reilly Dec 26, 2011
The back of the car looks raw other than that its ugly.
Eddie Cooper Dec 15, 2011
It's a mucielago with reventon body kits
Tim Steinruck Dec 15, 2011
@Bristol exactly. Pause it at 40 sec and tell me it's not a murcielago. It looks sweet, but in a way like it came right out of Tron
Sivert Grande Dec 15, 2011
Don't know if any of you have noticed, but carbuzz doesn't include the Reventon. They have probably just said it is a Murc because it looks a bit like it.
Hank Austin Dec 15, 2011
I agree, I could totally see this on something crappy like a civic or a junker
Eddie Cooper Dec 14, 2011
Yeah I realized that after I wrote it lol but I don't think this looks good on super cars...maybe on some imports like a civic or supra
Hank Austin Dec 14, 2011
I'm 100% sure it was a 458... It was in an article on carbuzz a long time ago and you can see it at the end of the video... Looks like they ruined a Bentley too...
Eddie Cooper Dec 14, 2011
My mistake they did the 360 and 458
Eddie Cooper Dec 14, 2011
That was a 360 dumbass
Hank Austin Dec 14, 2011
Didn't look good when they did it to a 458... Doesn't look good now...
Kenneth Williams Dec 14, 2011
Just when I was satisfied and about to comment everything goes dark and the pink pops out. Nooooooo. Far worse than the Ferrari.
Gregory Fatguy Dec 14, 2011
You guys can say it's bad all you want but it's better than the LED lights that were installed on the red ferrari
Kelvin Hampton Jr. Dec 14, 2011
Messing up a perfect car 
Vince DeMasi Dec 14, 2011
It wouldnt have been so bad if they only left the lights on the doors everything else was a little much but whatever it's not my car
Lee Cascio Dec 14, 2011
If you think this is a real lamborghini you need to have your eyes checked. But on a serious note if the dude likes it good for him when you can afford a real lamborghini or a Honda civic for that matter it's yours to do what you want with.
Bristol Boyer Dec 14, 2011
If ANYTHING, that's a murcielago, but most likely that's a kit car. People need to brush up on their Lamborghini knowledge.
Austin Ray Dec 14, 2011
This is a kit car. Look at the proportions of the headlight on the hood, they are too close together. The vehicle used was much more narrow than the real car. Most kits look this way. Google them
Josh ?hompson Dec 14, 2011
The reventon was based on the murcielago so the conversion kit while expensive probably wouldn't be extremely difficult.
Ignigena Quintus Dec 14, 2011
Owner should be put to death in national tv.
Cody Jacques Dec 14, 2011
Needleess to say this is not a Murcielago. Car buzz is extreamly unreliable at getting the name of cars right in there articles
Andrew Hossann Dec 14, 2011
Pretty sure that is an aventador
Sebastian Grey Dec 14, 2011
That's a Murcielagi with a pretty impressive conversion kit on it.
Justin Harris Dec 14, 2011
Saw this before carbuzz did lol. There's a 458 Italia one as well
Max Waite Dec 14, 2011
Pretty cool, except the strobes look absolutely retarded. Granted, if this guy handed me the keys with the condition that I must keep the strobes on all the time, I would gladly accept.
Art Grigoryan Dec 14, 2011
That look like kit car.
Andy Kleschick Dec 14, 2011
i agree that it was stupid to do this, but I think if the owner had either done the paint in a diff color or the lights one singular color other than white it would be cool.
Brady Fereday Dec 14, 2011
I really like it like blue would look cool or a darker purple even I like it ^_^
Stephen Mark Veurink Dec 14, 2011
That's a tragic crime - like if a mentally handicapped person were to deface a national monument and they thought that they were actually making it better.
Corey Blomquist Dec 14, 2011
It is most likely a Murci with a reventon style body kit, look at the clearly Murcielago headlights and the proportions on the front face dont match up. Definitely doesn't look like an Aventador.
Michael Palazzo Dec 14, 2011
if that's really a reventon than that guy is an idiot, but they have a lot of money over there, it seems to be a body kit.
Ryan Coffel Dec 14, 2011
I reconsidered; other than the strobe lights, its not over done.
Ryan Coffel Dec 14, 2011
Honestly, I think it looks cool. I mean, if you have money left after buying it, its not like you can say, "Gee it doesn't have enough power, lets fix that." Obviously, this guy is just compensating for something, but in my opinion it wasn't over done.
Duncan Gibson Dec 14, 2011
And just do the white highlight stuff
Duncan Gibson Dec 14, 2011
It would be cool if a tuning company did it, made it more professional and uniform
Knox Ferraro Dec 14, 2011
The Middle East has a knack for wasting money, and I have to say I like it!
Justin Tucker Dec 14, 2011
@yousef,your are a ricer!!!!
Steve Romeo Chaplin Dec 14, 2011
It's cool in a daft sorta way.
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
I like it. Wonder the cost of it?
Yousef Saad Dec 14, 2011
That would be nice on a Honda
Emil Kleijsen Dec 14, 2011
The Jaguar at the end was cooler..
Description: As you can clearly tell, he affixed a superfluous amount of LED lights. The video starts with a quick walk-around the supercar, and then all of a sudden white lights and bars start popping up everywhe...
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Hank Austin Dec 15, 2011
there are very little reventons in the world... someone that does this to a car probably wouldn't have been selected by Lamborghini to own one... let alone afford it
Lee Cascio Dec 14, 2011
It's a fiero with a kit people really?
Shane Jansen Dec 14, 2011
Nobody would be dumb enough to do this to a Reventón lol
Thibault Leroy Dec 14, 2011
@Austin obviously you dont thats a body kit he put on it look at the head and tail lights its a murcielago i promise you
Corey Blomquist Dec 14, 2011
The white one is probably a Murci with a Reventon style package, look at the headlights and front face proportions, definitely not an actual reventon. The second one with purple tron lights is hands down a Murci, end of story.
Austin Bride Dec 14, 2011
Google some images I know what I'm saying
Austin Bride Dec 14, 2011
Look at the front the vents on the hood and the tailights they are all reventon it's just in white so it doesn't stand out. The murcialago doesn't have those lines on its nose
Thibault Leroy Dec 14, 2011
@Austin your stupid that looks nothing like a reventon you can obviously tell its a murcielago
Austin Bride Dec 14, 2011
Too bad it's a reventon
Ares Niazy Mar 19, 2012
This guy has revention body kit
Kenneth Williams Dec 14, 2011
I was gonna say bootleg future diablo
Dominic Gaudio Dec 14, 2011
if you really look at it it looks like a combo of reventon mercielago and diablo if you count the spoiler
Thibault Leroy Dec 14, 2011
@Austin thats the body kit that looks like that look at the next pic and youll see its a murcielago look at the headlights
Austin Bride Dec 14, 2011
That's what I said. But of course I got called stupid
Gianni Falzone Dec 14, 2011
Looks like a reventon
Adam Thomson Feb 04, 2013
Messed up!
Brian Ayala Dec 14, 2011
The thing is, over there, it's about standing out. When both your neighbors have lambos, and a 7 series is about as common as a civic in the states, you resort to chrome, lights, and superfluous body kits to get attention.
Josue 'Sheeno' Lisboa Dec 14, 2011
With enough money, why not? Then ill make a custom tron jacket for me n drive around with some daft punk music! XD
Bryan Garza Dec 14, 2011
This is you. I think Tron lights are cool. This guy spent enough money to allow him to do whatever he wants.
Patrick Schalk Dec 14, 2011
I agree with Colby. This is awful. I wouldn't own a Lambo anyway if I had the money.
James Lynch-Sarasek Dec 14, 2011
Sounds like someone is upset they own a pre-200 Toyota haha
Colby Church Dec 14, 2011
Someone quit selling these dumbasses nice super cars, geez. They have ricer civic taste with lots of cash. This is an abomination. Much like all of those morons over there with gold Veyrons and all the other gaudy shit they come up with. Wtf, really?