Comments - Rare 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 in Pristine Condition

Published: Dec 14, 2011
Description: Having led a 35-year accident-free existence, this NASCAR-inspired 429 Mustang Boss was bought in 2003 and subjected to a highly detailed frame off restoration completed in 2011. All of its original p...
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Brian Ayala Dec 14, 2011
Some autocorrect had to of F'd that up
Wayne Joseph Borean Dec 14, 2011
Close ration top loader? Call out the grammar police!
Description: A Trans Am style spoiler, color-keyed race mirrors, rear fender scoops, and aluminized exhaust turn downs are other areas of note. The pretty stuff aside, when the glossy red hood is raised, a complet...
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Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
And as bad as mustangs rotted out in the early years, this is a real find.
Vince DeMasi Dec 14, 2011
I'm liking those numbers
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 15, 2011
The main reason we can't buy cars like this is because we are outnumbered a 1000 to 1 by tasteless, idiotic, ecofriendly hippies who think owning a hatchback is cool..... We're a dying race you guys....
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
They can't make this car because, they are idiots. There are companies out there that put a mustang "skins" on a car with better impact standards. And we know ford can put the power in it. They just rather not.
Peter Bruschi Dec 14, 2011
beautiful... omg i want this so bad...
Description: At the back, a rebuilt leaf spring suspension holds correct drum brakes at the edges of a factory-equipped rear sway bar and in the middle, subframe connectors parallel an exhaust system complete with...
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Jason Brower Dec 14, 2011
Honestly i'd rather have disk brakes on the back. Forget originality in this case, there's no reason.
Description: Priced at $179,900, the sale of this sinister 1969 Mustang is by RK Motors Charlotte and comes with the original KK sticker, a complete Marti Report, two reproduction window stickers and pictures of t...
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Micah Lau Dec 14, 2011
This car is, umm... Boss.
Darren Nardo Dec 14, 2011
Possibly the greatest looking muscle car ever!!
Shane Jansen Dec 14, 2011
This is so perfect and beautiful and just wow. If I had money id jump on this so fast. Amazing condition worth the price from the looks of it
Ivan Rudnitsky Dec 14, 2011
I doubt it. Most people but these cars and just park them in a garage. Unfortunately
Andy Kleschick Dec 14, 2011
hey Ivan, when you go there, can you see if it has a warranty and can be repaired by them? assuming anything bad happens, which i wouldn't try to do on purpose.
Ivan Rudnitsky Dec 14, 2011
Hey. That shop is down the street from me. Need to go check it out!
Ryan Coffel Dec 14, 2011
I would give anything for that car...
Devin Babyn Dec 14, 2011
Damn that's a low price
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
Money well spent, if you could afford it.
Chris McCormick Dec 25, 2012
1969 camaro is pretty awesome, but this beats the camaro by a ton.. Love muscle cars
Lee Gardner Apr 20, 2012
Was there any bad muscle cars produced in 1969??
Ben Arends Dec 15, 2011
Some things make me wish I was younger- this one makes me wish I was older. Looking at this, you just know there was a sense of Detroit pride back then, that doesn't exist today...
Miguel Longoria Dec 14, 2011
Damn... this thing looks incredible!
Johnny Francis Dec 14, 2011
Very nice car. Coming from a JDM fan :)
Teddy MacDonell Dec 14, 2011
I just finished restoring my 289 '66, hopefully I can get my hands on a cobra jet in the future. '69s are just so beautiful
Andrew Hossann Dec 14, 2011
No one cares... U dislike all the classics
Matthew Crighton Dec 14, 2011
Where do i get mine? Thats beautiful
Cho Dan Dec 14, 2011
Most awesome muscle car ever.
Dillon Dixon Dec 14, 2011
Such a perfect stance. Doesn't get much better than this.
Shane Jansen Dec 14, 2011
This is so incredible, so perfect. Words cannot truly describe how I truly feel about this car.
Colin Dzendolet Dec 14, 2011
Shane, with the beauty of this one, even the worst of the trolling haters are speechless
Patrick Schalk Dec 14, 2011
This is immaculate. I love that rear quarter panel.
Shane Heid Dec 14, 2011
Not a stang guy at all, but this an amazing piece of muscle. Oh where is cho Dan to say this car sucks??
Brian Ayala Dec 14, 2011
O man. That's definitely in my dream garage.
Nick Rios Dec 14, 2011
German guy here. And loving this
Dylan Bruder Dec 14, 2011
GM guy but this is my fav mustang always loved the look of the 69
Tim Preisinger Dec 14, 2011
Wow, that is a beautiful and clean car!
Michael Gallagher Dec 14, 2011
The late 60s and early 70s, awsome cars. This car is no exception. Beautiful and simply. Real muscle car here.
Ryan Coffel Dec 14, 2011
Don't you just love it when you get Ford, GM, and Dodge lovers to all agree that a car is beautiful and well done? That takes an AMAZING car.
Clint Edwards Dec 14, 2011
@Greg well said. I'm a gear head first, mopar guy second
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
Vince, tony, if you're like me, you prefer a certain car... Camaro mustang challenger, whatever, but you still appreciate a beautifully done car no matter the manufacturer. And this is a fine example of a mustang.
Vince DeMasi Dec 14, 2011
@tony same im a gm guy also but I've always loved the look of this mustang
Daniel Zammit Dec 14, 2011
Now that's a car. Beautiful
Luke Bailey Dec 14, 2011
I like when they have the rear window louvers and the small wing....looks amazing either way
Mike Lanza Dec 14, 2011
Wish I had this exact car in high school... Can u say panty dropper?
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
Even down to the dome switch in the door has been replaced to new. Nice details
Greg Lewis Dec 14, 2011
Should have a caution: may frighten small children and senior citizens...