Comments - Fisker Karma Prices Up 6 Percent for 2012

Published: Dec 14, 2011
Description: Fisker Automotive, the youngest automotive brand in North America, will raise its cars prices by average 6 percent as of December 15th, according The price for the 2012 Eco Standard, the ...
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Charles Pope Jan 08, 2012
this thing ain't got shit on the Fisker Tramonto I saw today! :)
Lucas Dvoracek Dec 15, 2011
This price really ain't that bad!!! With a solar panel roof think of the cash your saving on gas/ electricity for it.. I got to sit in one at a demo they had they are so friggen nice!!!!
Devin Babyn Dec 14, 2011
Why wouldn't they raise the price, they'll still sell as much and now they'll make more
Matthew McKernan Dec 14, 2011
Keep raising the price like this.
Matthew McKernan Dec 14, 2011
I guess I could understand the price before cause of all the research and development that probably went into producing this car, but they can't
Randy Geniec Dec 14, 2011
Your tax dollars taken and re-distributed to a company that makes their cars in Finland. Nice. Can you say Solyndra?
Description: While no exact reason was given for the price hike, we can't say we're totally surprised. Recently the TUV, Germany's famous inspection institution, tested the Karma and claimed that i...
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Nico Morelli Dec 14, 2011
It doesn't ever use all those motors to get all that torque at one time . That's why it has an average zero to sixty
Luke Bailey Dec 14, 2011
still slow....electric motors apply direct torque to the wheels, and lots of it....should be quicker
Dale Schroeder Dec 14, 2011
It's a fairly heavy car, even moreso with the batteries and electric motors in it.
Justin Harris Jan 22, 2012
And on top of that, unless the idiots are smart which I doubt, they're probably gonna mess up their explosive idea because the hydrogen would mix in the air if they wanna pour it on something, and then it would turn into water. And even on top of that, people could make hydrogen with a cup of water and a battery right now, and there are already tons of YouTube videos (where a lot of idiots roam) t...
Justin Harris Jan 20, 2012
Just think of all the idiots now with gasoline. It would be the same. I don't really understand what you're stating.
Justin Harris Dec 17, 2011
Another good thing about hydrogen is it's explosiveness. As I said before, it is hilly explosive, I think more than gas. But the cool thing about that is because of that explosiveness, it could be used not only as a fuel for fuel cells, but also combustion engines, where you would get more power out of less fuel for sport or supercars, or use less for more mileage for average Joe cars or even endu...
Paul Lissona Dec 15, 2011
Diesel is good enough to me.
Cody Jacques Dec 15, 2011
Also I love you guys. Hydrogen cars dont sacrifice power for economic efficiency. and using such cars would stop Americas climbing debt by cutting off imported oil.
Cody Jacques Dec 15, 2011
this car reminds me of the "mole" scene in Austin Powers. "MUSTASH!"
Devin Babyn Dec 14, 2011
Hydrogen cars won't become mainstream for a long time even if they have viable designs today, the oil industry is to powerful to let it happen
Michael Palazzo Dec 14, 2011
I saw one of these things three weeks ago, very nice looking, but for the price doesn't perform as well as I'd like
Justin Harris Dec 14, 2011
FINALLY PEOPLE WHO MAKE SENSE!!! I FOURTH THAT!!! And just in case people know that hydrogen is explosive alone as an element (like gas in your car, so why would you care), when mixed with oxygen, creating water, it is harmless. So if there's a leak in the tank your car will just have water instead of pure hydrogen.
Riley McKelvie Dec 14, 2011
I third that. I don't understand these electric cars. All seem useless with the ranges they get.
Shane Heid Dec 14, 2011
Agreed hydrogen is the logical future fuel. Most abundant element in the universe
Anthony Cordiale Dec 14, 2011
Ev cars are not the way to go. batteries like they said on top gear are still very inefficient. Look at are mobiles and laptops. Are they going to have a plug at every street corner. Hydrogen is the way to go
Colby Church Dec 14, 2011
Okay Fisker, it's nice, but don't get too cocky, it's not a Lamborghini. You should be lowering the price so you can shell more out, not jacking it up. Why is it that nobody can make an affordable car that looks this good? Is it that damn hard?
Sunny Kanjer Feb 26, 2012
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the grills look like a mustache, this is something you might see from great Britain
Paul Lissona Dec 15, 2011
Yah gas or diesel would be way better.
Erick Bernal Dec 14, 2011
So true.. It looks like sex though
David Eslava Dec 14, 2011
The only thing missing in this car are four tailpipes and a V12 engine...
Sunny Kanjer Feb 26, 2012
Damn! I really see where the $100K price tag is coming from
Paul Lissona Dec 15, 2011
Really nice colors especially the darker part.