Comments - Official: 2012 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

Published: Dec 13, 2011
Description: Sales of the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid will get under way at the start of next year, priced somewhere between £45,000 and £50,000 in the UK (minus the £5000 plug-in car g...
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Description: "Our plug-in hybrid has received considerable attention since it was unveiled at Geneva 2011. Now we're taking the next step by presenting the production model, which is graced with a distin...
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Description: The Volvo V60 Plug-in, badged the D6, is powered by a 5-cylinder, 2.4-liter turbo that produces 212hp and 324lb-ft of torque, and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. A 69hp, 147lb-ft electric...
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Description: This translates as Co2 emissions of 49g/km and a maximum range of 621 miles. Power is the third and final mode drivers can select at the touch of a button, used to attain maximum possible power of...
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Nick88gm Dec 14, 2011
awesome torque numbers
Jared Palmer Dec 13, 2011
How about the R or T5 version? I would be interested on that.