Description: Speaking with Car magazine back in August, Lotus CEO Dany Bahar said that the Lotus city car "has been confirmed and will be launched in October 2013." Developed alongside a new supermini fr...
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Clint Edwards Dec 13, 2011
@Dale they're taking a page from the Aston design book apparently
Dale Fredriks Dec 13, 2011
Why does every new lotus concept have this face? Its not ugly, but to put the same styling on every model? That just lazy.
Description: Bahar said: "There's no point in trying to fight the MINIs and the small BMWs and Audis unless you have a special offering. Our car will be an EV or range extended EV and will offer performa...
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Patrick Schalk Dec 13, 2011
You want a performance car like this? Two words: hayabusa engine. Problem solved.
Description: The extensively reworked and rebadged Proton will be about $3,000 cheaper than the Cygnet if Auto Express' sums are to be believed, and like the mini Aston the Proton-based Lotus will be exclusiv...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 13, 2011
The 918 is also a hybrid. So is the new nsx, and the... Prius. All serious supercars.
Jordan Smith Dec 13, 2011
Did I read that correctly? The new Espirit will be a hybrid??
Jv Apr 05, 2012
It would be better if they did some sort of hybrid thing like alot of supercars are doing these days.
Mattaius Younger Dec 15, 2011
As I said they are making these cars due to tax or carbon issues I cannot exactly remember but they basically have o and I suspect this is the cheapest option for them
Ryan Kells Dec 13, 2011
I respect Lotus and Aston, but the idea of those cars just won't work. They should b focussing on making their sports cars better, not fooling around with converted city cars that are way out of the price range for cars of that size.
Jv Dec 13, 2011
Lotus is a great company but did they have to follow the Aston martin with this one. How will this help them in any way, they wont get many sales and they degrade there reputation.
Justin Harris Dec 13, 2011
Why ultra expensive mini cars are getting so popular is beyond me, especially if it's aimed for kids with rich parents. They could buy a land rover for like half of the cygnet (my bad if m wrong).
Quinn Anderson Dec 13, 2011
Better than the Toyota iQ based Aston cygnet
Mattaius Younger Dec 13, 2011
They have to make this for tax reasons.....Because of CO2 emissions and such companies who make those sorts of cars have to make small cars to offset things otherwise the Aston would not exist.
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 13, 2011
... New unoccupied niche in the car world.
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 13, 2011
They have to because,just like aston martin, they are an independent company that makes fast cars,with not so great mileage. So if they have to build an Eco car, they might as well make it a competitor to something. Might (hopefully not) make a...
Colby Church Dec 13, 2011
Anyone who waits for this ugly weak ass car to come out and then scoffs over the cash for it is absolutely (say it with me) STUPID. I respect the market for small cars, but this is going too far. The design is good, but not for this tiny turd.
Clint Edwards Dec 13, 2011
I do like those rims though