Description: The 2012 Detroit Auto Show is set to receive another debut, this time from Lexus. The luxury automobile manufacturer has released a teaser photo and little else regarding their latest concept model. I...
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Description: The unnamed Lexus concept will make its debut at the North American International Auto Show on January 9, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan.
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Mike Bentley Dec 12, 2011
0% of that makes it to production.
Shaun Conroy Dec 13, 2011
Looks..."FISHY", to me!
Alan Tan Dec 12, 2011
Love the look Of it... Dont think can afford it yet.... Hope they dont screw the design for te back...
Scott Gracey Dec 12, 2011
The last gen of the sc was okay but I like the mid nineties sc
Jordan Smith Dec 12, 2011
What if it was a GT-86 variant but with the IS-F's engine? That would sound nice
FoxRS Dec 12, 2011
the SC was terrible. i hope it's a variation of the gt86/brz. cool headlights, too.
Quinn Anderson Dec 12, 2011
Probably the sc430 replacement
Andy Kleschick Dec 12, 2011
it looks good. My guess is, it will probably have some design cues and other safety features from the fr-s/gt86, but it will probably have some variant of the IS lines engine and tranny.
Brock Bűlbűl Dec 12, 2011
Was thinking the same thing Nam. Def some similarities.
Nam Doan Trinh Dec 12, 2011
Lexus version of the FR-S/GT86?
Dale Denis Dec 12, 2011
I hate these teasers! Waste of time!
Cody Jacques Dec 12, 2011
lol half the price of the lfa is still 200,000 dollars. I hope its a superlight lite a lotus.
Michael Gallagher Dec 12, 2011
Looking pretty sporty and updated. very interested to see what it is. Maybe a baby LFA that will be half the price?
Jordan Smith Dec 12, 2011
Interesting headlights