Comments - Santa Hoons in his New Sled, a Cadillac CTS-V Sedan

Published: Dec 12, 2011
Description: Who would have thought that Santa would trade in Rudolph and his red nose for a Cadillac CTS-V and its... red nose? Bullet Motorsports has upgraded jolly Claus' choice of transport from an 8rhp (...
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Ryu Tsuchiya Dec 23, 2011
Horrible interior quality
Zain Sheikh Dec 13, 2011
Yes I've seen the review of the E60 M5 from top gear . Some of it was biased info . But he also compared the driving experience to a F430 at the time . And pricewise the CTSV is cheaper cause it's built in the USA and the M5 Is assembled in Germany
Ceren Yıldız Dec 13, 2011
Omg santa doesnt wear his seatbelt!
Anthony Spl Coccaro Dec 12, 2011
didn't know santa knew how to drive stick like that
Teddy MacDonell Dec 12, 2011
you might also want to look into the price differences between the 2 as well
Duncan Gibson Dec 12, 2011
Zain, u might want to watch top gear's review of the m5.
Zain Sheikh Dec 12, 2011
An 04 CTSV had 400 something HP and and a 04 M5 had 500HP . much reason why to have an M5 over a CTSV .
Jake Knickmeyer Dec 12, 2011
To the people making fun of the people that said in the comments that this was not the 556hp version, carbuzz edited this article since this morning. I know this because I read it on the shuttle to my final exam.
Jonathan Perque Dec 12, 2011
It def has more than 400hp. Glad you liked my video!!
Vincent Butler Dec 12, 2011
Santa I want that For Christmas lol
Jeff Bayura Dec 12, 2011
No, Santa drives a black Suburban. Hahaha
Colin Barr Dec 12, 2011
Pretty sure Santa drives a merc. Not a caddy
James Mcmahon Dec 12, 2011
The sedan looks better i think than the coupe but thats me
Patrick Schalk Dec 12, 2011
No it actually said 556hp earlier in the day. They changed it. People are still gonna hate though.
Sean Williams Dec 12, 2011
Hahahahaha car buzz should make people take a reading comprehension test before they can download their app
Cody Andree Dec 12, 2011
When did they say it was new and had 556hp? Wow people should read cause the written article is only a paragraph long. Only take a few seconds.
Patrick Schalk Dec 12, 2011
Zack I bet you can do a burnout or donut.
Zack Hickman Dec 12, 2011
Yeah that's not the new cts-v. Fail. And it was lame. Anyone with a couple hundred horsepower and rear wheel drive can do a donut. Not cool.
Patrick Schalk Dec 12, 2011
Holy rev limiter! This thing sounds pretty awesome. I love that gen CTS-V.
Description: The Cadillac CTS-V sedan is one of the world's fastest production sedans. It goes from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds. The video also features the Cadillac's navigation system which should come in h...
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George Francis Dec 12, 2011
Newer cts-v's get to 60 in 3.9 sec. Super car territory.
Jonathan Perque Dec 12, 2011
Def does not have hard drive lol
Casey Schier Dec 12, 2011
I don't think the 1st gen CTS-Vs come with the hard drives. I thought that was only the 2nd gens.
Morgan Dame Dec 12, 2011
400hp is a pretty good amount... We have the new cls and the thing hauls ass well not the that fast but pretty fast
Cory Allen Dec 12, 2011
Yeah the article was updated since this morning...this morning it had the new cts-v stats..."mr. Obvious".
Chris Benson Dec 12, 2011
First page..."400 hp".
Paul Lissona Dec 12, 2011
400 is more than enough for me ha I'm young, I'm used to less than 200 hp.
Patrick Schalk Dec 12, 2011
"Only 400hp". Kids these days.
Garrett Frye Dec 12, 2011
The article did not state that this was the old one, it stated that it had 556 hp
Chris Benson Dec 12, 2011
No kidding. The article already stated this mr obvious.
Cory Allen Dec 12, 2011
This is the old only put out 400 horse.
PcluvVW Dec 13, 2011
Did anyone comment on the car? Id love to see one under my tree. Would make some sweet tire marks on the floor.
Garrett Waln Dec 12, 2011
Ha gm defies the gov't. I don't understand why call something such as the Christmas tree a holiday tree cause no other holiday around this time uses a tree to celebrate that is exclusive to Christianity. Other wise if u have one ur celebrating Xmas.
Logan LeMonnier Dec 12, 2011
True if I hear "I'm jewish" one more time....and I don't care if your offended you know it's true
Christopher McSween Dec 12, 2011
Merry Christmas everyone!!! Wish everyone love, good fortune, & be safe. To our troops, thanks!!!
Michael Gallagher Dec 12, 2011
I will always say Merry Christmas. That's what the holiday is. If someone gets offended, go live under a rock. So good for tem indeed
Ken Madison Dec 12, 2011
In this age of political correctness it's rare to see a company actually say merry Christmas. Wouldn't want to offend anyone.... I'm liking this company