Description: Honda is currently preparing their 9th generation Accord that will go on sale in fall 2012, however, in the meantime they will be presenting their brand-new 2013 Accord Coupe Concept at the 2012 Detro...
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Ryan Hansen Jan 08, 2012
Can not wait let see if this one will be able to keep up with the si :p
Evelyn R. Aguila Dec 14, 2011
Mel Liew Dec 12, 2011
This looks so darn similar to a Hyundai Tuscani!
Patrick Schalk Dec 12, 2011
Oh my gosh I'm so excited.......
Paul Lissona Dec 12, 2011
It better be smaller than now.
Hamza Hamid Dec 12, 2011
I honestly can't wait!!!
Description: The announcement came around the recent Tokyo Motor Show and the technology will be featured on the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder motor and V6 powerplant, amongst others. Honda calls their new 2013 Honda Accor...
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Devin Babyn Dec 12, 2011
I like the look when it's in the dark blue
Timothy Hooker Dec 12, 2011
Yea even in 2011 they were behind..their cars are too plain these days...they fell behind about 5 yrs ago when the fusion and Camry became "cool"
Paul Lissona Dec 12, 2011
I agree with getting a sedan, I had an accord coupe and it didn't seem right.
Alex Leu Dec 12, 2011
Ehhhh..I think if you're buying an accord you should get the sedan
Thomas Lee Dec 12, 2011
If you haven't read this is the 2011 version of the accord. GG on your reading and jumping straight to the photos
Timothy Hooker Dec 12, 2011
They r so far behind with their looks.
Mark Newfangled Dec 12, 2011
@ Chris the fog lights are recessed. That is the oppositeof bulging.
Mark Newfangled Dec 12, 2011
The 2 door looks fine but the 4 door looks awkward.
Chris Tietjen Dec 12, 2011
Boring and uninspiring. Looks stupid with the fog light area bulging out
Zaire Wilkins Dec 30, 2011
the next accord is supposed to be AWD only hybrids with 350hp
David Rosenberg Dec 13, 2011
It's the 2009 concept not the new concept
Aaron Bohn Dec 12, 2011
It has the the proper lines to be RWD.
Paul Lissona Dec 12, 2011
That's good they water them down, why should cars look as weird as some concepts.
P_R_N_D Dec 12, 2011
This just looks like a bad drawing of the crosstour
Shaun Conroy Dec 12, 2011
I hope they don't cheapen it to death like the Civic.
Michael Bichay Dec 12, 2011
This isn't the concept geniuses
nellsmaxi106 Dec 12, 2011
The concept looks like the accord now except once production hit they watered it down like all manufacturers do