Description: Following their announcement that the NSX Concept, ILX Sedan and 2013 RDX will debut at Detroit, Acura officials have confirmed to Inside Line that a successor to its range-topping RL sedan will debut...
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Description: Customers will have a choice of a new V6 gasoline engine or V6 hybrid system with super-handling all-wheel drive (SH-AWD). The latter will get a high-performance lithium-ion battery and according to ...
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Lucas Hill May 02, 2012
I still don't get why these Lexus's cost so much
P_R_N_D Apr 08, 2012
Shawn, the TSX most definitely DOES NOT have a V8 option.
Zaire Wilkins Mar 20, 2012
how would a V-TEC V8 sound nothing like infiniti V8's or lexus
James Miller Jan 12, 2012
There definitely isnt a v8 for a production honda/acura only indy, they should really make one though it would be great
Andy Kelly Dec 27, 2011
Show me the URL or it's fake.
Shawn Robinson Dec 25, 2011
Actually they do make a V8 , I can be ordered from or if your lucky you can find on at a dealership ... I know for sure that the TSX comes in a V8
Paul Lissona Dec 14, 2011
I don't think they should make a v8 their known for small engines.
Paul Affolter Dec 12, 2011
C'mon Honda. Just make a V8 already
Description: There needs to be more differentiation between the TSX, TL and RL, base prices for which currently range from $30,695 for the 2012 Acura TSX to $48,585 for the 2012 Acura RL. A product planning execut...
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James Miller Jan 12, 2012
Lol yea tl more than 300 and sh-awd which is better then rwd, and they perform better then some v8s
Shawn Robinson Dec 12, 2011
If you would notice, the Acura TL models have 305hp :P
Scott Gracey Dec 12, 2011
Acura needs to put up or shut up, no RWD, no engine bigger than a V6 and no car with more than 300hp...
Larry Dawson Dec 12, 2011
Mike Nembhard Dec 17, 2011
This is the current RL, not the 2013 model.
Shawn Robinson Dec 13, 2011
Ok SURE ;) ... Lol I know what you mean lol
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 13, 2011
Haha shawn - you dont know me and dont know what i can afford. Make valid arguements. And btw my brother's IS fully loaded - $650/m. It's not in the class of ANY of the 4 cars I mentioned. IMO - solid sedan, but "impressive" has never came to mind.
Garrett Griswold Dec 13, 2011
This particular car looks dated but generally acuras look great and new... I just wish they brought back the rsx, the civic si really isn't working for me
Reid Huff Dec 12, 2011
ACURA change the front grill on all your cars it looks stupid
Shawn Robinson Dec 12, 2011
IM SO HAPPY IT COMING BACK BETTER !! ;) # best of Acura's luxury ;)
Shawn Robinson Dec 12, 2011
I don't care If your " Brother " has one or his opinion about this car . You don't have one. And yes if you could afford one , get it loaded and it will very clearly surpass $720 a month :] And this car is not in the class of a Mercedes S class .
Vincent Butler Dec 12, 2011
Sorry RL does look out dated.
Vincent Butler Dec 12, 2011
I have 08 TL'S it's not dated at all. Still looks clean. Only wish if ACURA would come out with the same 08 body with AWD. Pathetic Acura!!!!!
Stephen Reed Warren II Dec 12, 2011
Afford it? A new one is $650 a month. My brother has one... a 2010. Even he says it's dated. It def is not on par with the 750, A8, LS460, or S-class. ($1k-$2k/m) Not to say its not a good car - just glad it's getting a needed upgrade
Shawn Robinson Dec 12, 2011
This care is AWESOME !! And you wouldn't say it was dated if you could really afford one ... :]
Jeremy Siebert Dec 12, 2011
No it looks dated because it's one more example of Honda failing to properly update a vehicle until the thing is better found in archeology texts than new car lots.
Kyle Nistler Dec 12, 2011
Its the rims and the color that make this look dated.
Paul Lissona Dec 12, 2011
Already big enough for sure, they should have a more base tsx.