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Video: Audi TT-RS by Kohler Tuning

Kohler Tuning has taken the Audi TT-RS and given it an extra 84hp and a sweet little video.
Kohler Tuning has given the Audi TT-RS sports car a nice boost, coming in the form of 84hp. That means the 2-door German sports car puts out and impressive 424hp vs. its stock counterpart, which, in comparison, only puts out 340hp.
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Power for the Audi TT-RS has been enhanced through the use of a Capristo Exhaust system (with remote valve function) and a remap of the car's ECU. The white finish and blacked-out wheels give the German sports car a sweet look and its fixed rear wing adds to its already sporty appearance. Check it out in the clip above as the Audi shows off both open and closed exhaust notes and then burns off into the distance.
Video: Audi TT-RS by Kohler Tuning

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