Comments - Unique of the Week: 2004 Ferrari FXX Evolution

Published: Dec 10, 2011
Description: Count them: only 30 were produced. Even rarer than the Enzo road car on which it's based on, the Ferrari FXX Evolution is simply the racing version of that car which has the first name of the Ita...
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Adam Coumi Dec 15, 2011
Fifth best Ferrari ever just behind 1 250 Testa Rosso 2 458 Italia 3 559 XX 4 250 GTO
Andy Kleschick Dec 10, 2011
yeah, i highly doubt anyone will buy one of these off ebay......
Lance Pariseau Dec 10, 2011
I was just down there a couple weeks ago... All they had in the dealership was the reventon #20 and a black koenigsegg cxx .. They didnt have the FFX EVO or the Enzo
Victor Takhanov Dec 10, 2011
There was a reventon on autotrader yesterday, I'm not sure if it's there now, at the same dealership
Sol Watts Dec 12, 2011
Don't like the wanna be futuristic look but love the colours still shit compared to a 458
Garrett Chatterton Dec 10, 2011
Hey I found this on eBay where I live XD it's in Texas there also selling a reventon and a ccx
Emil Kleijsen Dec 10, 2011
@justin HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you said "normal Enzo" xD
Matthew McKernan Dec 10, 2011
They always have have a lot of really cool and rare cars at this dealership.
Lance Pariseau Dec 10, 2011
When i went dow there they had the koenigsegg CCX (wich is my favorite car btw) and the reventon... It was still cool tho because i havent seen either of those cars before.
Kenneth Williams Dec 10, 2011
Ferrari sucks it with this one. If I'm paying for a car it's mine!! Do they have a clause in the buyers contract with all this stuff in it or what? Legal action if you go against big brothers will? Lol
Kevin Callejas Dec 10, 2011
This Ferrari has been for sale for like 3 weeks it's in fort lauderdale
Chris Penza Dec 10, 2011
What city is this in? I know it's in florida
Jordan Smith Dec 10, 2011
Lucky you Justin. When I went they only had the Reventon and the Koenigsegg.
Justin Tucker Dec 10, 2011
I was there the other day and saw this thing among with a CCX,reventon(omg amazing) a Bugatti and a normal Enzo....they call it experience for a reason...and my god what an experience that was too see all them togeather
Irvin Jose Centeno Dec 10, 2011
Its a museum piece, Im almost sure that if Ferrari notes your driving too edgy they will make you tone it down a bit. Its sad they treat this modern piece of engineering so delicatedly, for owners might not fully appreciate its potential
Mitch Pchelarov Dec 10, 2011
Yup and the car stays with Ferrari not with you
Nick Benz Dec 10, 2011
Good luck with that, because even if you do buy it you still have to ask permission to drive it on a track.
Michael Douglas Dec 10, 2011
If i had the money i would buy it and make it road legal
Description: His car is slightly different than the others with its all-black exterior paint (minus the stripe), red trimmed wheels, matte instead of chrome exhaust tips, and even his personal logo was stitched in...
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Mario Callirgos Dec 10, 2011
Why buy this with so many strings when you can the same performance elsewhere
Dale Schroeder Dec 10, 2011
They didn't so much buy the car as they paid Ferrari to do R&D testing for them, whether they realized it or not.
Kenneth Williams Dec 10, 2011
I know they limited and selected the buyers but didn't know about the track atuff
Chris Penza Dec 10, 2011
Vince they did the same with the enzo
Vince DeMasi Dec 10, 2011
I guess people just buy it cause it's exclusive but I personally wouldn't buy a car that I couldn't drive when and how I wanted
Description: And while it shares many mechanical components and technology from the Enzo, the FXX Evolution, like its name suggests, is an evolutionary step above the Enzo. Along with the aforementioned gearbox an...
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Kenneth Williams Dec 10, 2011
Get your hand out of my pocket!!!
Chris Penza Dec 10, 2011
Oh fort lauderdale. My question is answered
Description: And it doesn't stop there for owners. They also have the privilege to take part in the company's testing and brand development programs. The car is exclusively maintained by the Ferrari fact...
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Chris Penza Dec 10, 2011
Who doesn't? Besides my mom. She won't drive anything relatively fast at all
Description: We don't know how many previous owners it's had or how many track miles are on it, but whoever has the means and is a Ferrari and/or supercar enthusiast, this is one of those rare opport...
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Tom Wilson Dec 12, 2011
The nose looks longer then an enzo
Joshua Arnott Dec 12, 2011
@Brandon- most Ferraris are beautiful!
Jt Sheehan Dec 11, 2011
I believe it's owned by a guy who owns the swap shop in ft.lauderdale. Funny thing though I have seen him drive it on public roads on Hillsboro mile.
Nick Mitchell Dec 10, 2011
I love driving this.....on forza 4
Chris Penza Dec 10, 2011
Well at least I can drive it in forza
Kévin Navarro Dec 10, 2011
La Zonda R à une Rival de choque
Thibault Leroy Dec 10, 2011
wow look how low it is
Edith Wharton Dec 10, 2011
The only similarity i see is the window
Andrew Hossann Dec 10, 2011
Kinda reminds me of Koenigsegg
Ares Niazy Mar 01, 2012
The lights are in the bottom
Mitch Pchelarov Dec 10, 2011
No the lights are below the exhaust, it's those two squares
Majed Ameeri Dec 10, 2011
They removed the lights
Brandon Navidad Dec 10, 2011
Legit exhaust placement!
Emilio Ortiz Dec 10, 2011
I saw this at the Ferrari of Florida web page
Jimmy Nordloh Dec 10, 2011
You do realize that is not for design purposes, but aerodynamics.
Chris Harrison Dec 10, 2011
I agree I've never noticed that before