Description: Just in time for the festive season, these hand-decorated customized 'light trucks' take whole families months to fit out with enough sparkle to light up a Christmas high street. Looking lik...
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Description: Emblazoned with intricate exterior designs such as a giant T-Rex and giant serpents, when the lights go on, the effect is so blindingly brilliant they are not considered road legal. Nonetheless, when ...
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Zack Stotler Dec 12, 2011
@kenneth it's chinee
Brent Bennett Dec 10, 2011
So overwhelmed by the lights, took me a minute to realize the " eyebrow" comment was about the person on the trailer! Lol
Micah Lau Dec 10, 2011
Optimus Prime cracked out at a drag contest.
Kenneth Williams Dec 10, 2011
That person is The stuff that gives kids nightmares. Why is this thing only 5 lug???
Paul Lissona Dec 10, 2011
Wow that's horrible, and that's the nice way to say it.
Duncan Gibson Dec 11, 2011
Dartz, don't even think about it.
Zack Hickman Dec 11, 2011
This guy is winning. For sure.
Shane Jansen Dec 10, 2011
Honestly first thing I see here is a Japanese Smokey and the Bandit where the GTR godzilla is paired with this...
Mathiew Lacoursiere Dec 10, 2011
Haha godzilla on the side
Bob Thebuilder Dec 10, 2011
I this the front or back?
Zach Sullivan Dec 10, 2011
Haha in most US states neon lights under ur car are illegal cuz they r a distraction to other drivers I wonder how they would feel about this
Edith Wharton Dec 10, 2011
Haha barry summed it up perfectly
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 10, 2011
God damn Optimus Prime is f***ing high.
Kenneth Williams Dec 10, 2011
How can you even see driving this thing. It's so much crap besides the lights in the way
Brady Williams Dec 10, 2011
All I can say is why?
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 10, 2011
Autobots. Transform. DCHHHHHHHH
David Eslava Dec 10, 2011
My jaw litterly dropped...
Majed Ameeri Dec 20, 2011
There's a ugly truck somewhere in there
Tim Steinruck Dec 15, 2011
Someone seriously has way too much time on their hands
Alec Lindgren Dec 14, 2011
huh im confused wats going on???
Duncan Gibson Dec 11, 2011
Is it just me, or does it look like a stolen dance dance rev. Arcade machine?
Zack Hickman Dec 11, 2011
I don't get how anyone could think that looks good
David Rosenberg Dec 10, 2011
Is the side 1 big screen??? Lo
Adam Joe Dec 10, 2011
Is that a dance floor on the front.
Andy Kleschick Dec 10, 2011
watch this, next year, there will be an article on how someone in china has created a knock off of one of these things.
Kenneth Williams Dec 10, 2011
They must be very bored in Japan.
Gregory Fatguy Dec 10, 2011
Those things can probably used for when a blackout occurs.those things can light up Tokyo,for 20 mins
Lee Cascio Dec 11, 2011
Now that's true pimpin.
Buddy Robinson Dec 10, 2011
Now that's better, fancy lights should go on the inside of things
Zack Hickman Dec 11, 2011
Whoever made this is one of those guys I never wanna talk to. WEIRD
Francois Joannette Dec 11, 2011
@Vince why square sponge Bob???
Clint Edwards Dec 10, 2011
There are some things I just don't get about Japan...
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 10, 2011
Come on, think of something clever... Ah. Lolwut?
Vince DeMasi Dec 10, 2011
Why is there a piece of bread with a face on it...
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 10, 2011
Just to point out the Japanese pedo bear in the middle