Description: On September 2nd the Swedish hyper car visited a Swedish-based proving ground to try and break a handful of 2-seater production car world records. And according to the Guinness Book of World Records, ...
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Nick Mitchell Dec 04, 2011
No car buzz is correct, batting an eye means to blink.
Jesse Weis Dec 03, 2011
Awesome, sept. 2 is my birthday
Dennis Rech Dec 01, 2011
Umm.... Do you mean batting? I'd guess Carbuzz is battling the evil auto fill just like the rest of us.
Description: Other world records attempted include 0-300 km/h (14.53 sec); 0-200 mph (17.68sec); 300-0 km/h (6.66sec); 200-0 mph (7.28sec); and 0-200-0 mph (24.96sec). These have yet to be certified by Gui...
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Greg Kenerly Dec 01, 2011
I thought 'Too much red'...then I realized I'm a freaking moron and I'd murder all of you to own this car. The video a couple weeks ago with 2 of these racing on the streets is the bomb.
Maciej Moryl Dec 01, 2011
Polish driver. That's good
Miguel Blanco Dec 01, 2011
The Bugatti isn't that ugly, but The Agera is a million times better. But I'd do very much like the Bugatti, but the Agera is just bettet
Chris Penza Dec 01, 2011
Right* I don't know how autocorrect didn't do anything there
Colin Barr Dec 01, 2011
If only they'd top it out... 275mph easy......
Anthony Calderaro Dec 01, 2011
Did anyone realize the g-meter was going the wrong way? Lol
Adam Joe Dec 01, 2011
I felt like I was going to go through the windshield. And I was watching from an ipod.
Nick Rios Dec 01, 2011
Bugatti doesn't look nearly as good
Bright Spark Dec 01, 2011
Bugatti Veyron is a touch of class with insane speed,
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Dec 01, 2011
I love that he doesn't wear a helmet or anything like that.
Micah Lau Dec 01, 2011
The inset video shows basically the same thing as the main video. It'd be nice if the inset video showed the driver's face from head on. Also, the driver should have been wearing a brain bucket.
Anthony J. Mitchell Dec 01, 2011
Closed runaway. I would never drive that car on such a unkept surface. It is shaking like crazy for a reason.
Thibault Leroy Dec 01, 2011
i like it but to me the veyron is unreplacable
Mark Suvorov Dec 01, 2011
Look at the guy's face. It's becoming red when he braking coz of blood
Sam Oglesby Dec 01, 2011
That 0-300 time is almost as fast as the lotus f1 car
Description: Amazingly, the record-breaking attempts were recorded on video so follow the link for a feel for what it's like to experience the 'phenomenal stability, acceleration and braking performance&...
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Kenneth Williams Dec 02, 2011
If I had this I wouldn't park. Lmbo only place it'll sit is a red light, stop sign or my garage.
Miguel Blanco Dec 01, 2011
I must agree with TJ. Koenigsegg designed their own unique doors. Now a days, everyone has scissor doors, or "lambo" doors
Tj Blankenship Dec 01, 2011
Some of my favorite doors. Looks like they are punching the Earth. Haha
Buddy Robinson Dec 01, 2011
They kinda did, spoilers are a optional extra
Kent Sullivan Dec 01, 2011
Yeah I'm curious to see if koenignnashsgsgak fixed the downforce/cornering problem of their previous cars
Dan Ruth Dec 01, 2011
Oh yeah the furai is sweet, but the agera is more of a straight line monster lol
Elijah McCord Dec 01, 2011
Yea this definetly sits in my top three fav cars along with the zonda c and the Mazda furai
Nick Christensen Dec 01, 2011
IMO, Better than a Bugatti in everyway
Tanner Middleton Dec 01, 2011
that interior is mint
Kenneth Williams Dec 02, 2011
No shoes and special microfiber socks to ride with me
Elijah McCord Dec 01, 2011
The zonda has a more aggressive look to it, this one is more rounded and smooth
Joel Mcd Dec 01, 2011
Mmm the zones is a fair bit more flamboyant in its lines. Both are awesome cars, this one just for me is the best though. It's gorgeous.
Sam Oglesby Dec 01, 2011
Looks a bit like a zonda
Tom Wilson Dec 02, 2011
By definition. This is a freaking spaceship lol
Tj Blankenship Dec 01, 2011
Haha, Speed Racer... Isn't that the truth...
Igor Boos Dec 01, 2011
U can see the pushrod suspension!