Comments - UAE Flag Wrap for the Bugatti Veyron

Published: Dec 01, 2011
Description: The United Arab Emirates will be celebrating its 40th anniversary tomorrow (Dec. 2nd) and supercar owners in the Middle East country are celebrating in style. Style in the sense of UAE flag wraps on m...
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Dale Fredriks Dec 03, 2011
I love the fact that they don't have companies for themselves, so they choose one of the most exotic and expensive cars to wrap. That definitely shows their economic situation.
Montasser Abdel Moneim Dec 03, 2011
Congratulations UAE 40th...!
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 02, 2011
Lolz this is nothing, some guys were doing well over 200kph in ageras wrapped with the flag yesterday
Brandon Lidy Dec 02, 2011
Well we probably paid for this by buying as muchfuel as America does. Not terribly ugly, though it still is a Veyron hah
Abdulla Al Shuaibi Dec 02, 2011
When it comes for celebrating UAE 40th Anniversary we don't expect everyone like what we do, as long as we like it that's enough :) Happy Anniversary Ma Lovely Country
Nicolas Pons Dec 01, 2011
Clear the window and you just might have a very good looking car
Bryan Garza Dec 01, 2011
I never liked the way the Veyron looked, but this is pretty cool
Duncan Jolley Dec 01, 2011
My honest opinion, I've always thought the Veyron was an ugly car.
Chris Penza Dec 01, 2011
Nothing against the UAE, but this looks like total shit
Tj Blankenship Dec 01, 2011
Looks kinda like the Mexican flag. If you're American, you know what I mean.
Justin Harris Dec 02, 2011
What I'd do if I was in the UAE and had a bugatti is use the racing colors of that country not the flag.
Daniel Bellafonte Dec 02, 2011
Nor does it buy class
Scott Westphall Dec 01, 2011
Money does NOT equal good taste. What a tacky treatment of a Bugg.
Dean Kaitson Dec 01, 2011
There's little terrorists on the side
Nicolas Pons Dec 01, 2011
I said it, clear the window of any green
Adam Lopinsky Dec 01, 2011
Ya know, it's not perfect, but for a wrap based on a flag, that looks pretty good
Thibault Leroy Dec 01, 2011
it looks good but i hope you can take it off
Damien de Pyle Dec 01, 2011
I don't hate it, but if it were mine I'd have a different color job.
Austin Taylor Dec 01, 2011
Way to ruin a Bugatti guys
Dennis Rech Dec 01, 2011
Looks like it was made with leftover Lego bricks. Doing this to a Bugatti (albeit not my favorite car) is akin to painting a Hello Kitty purse on the Mona Lisa.
Knox Ferraro Dec 01, 2011
It actually looks really cool!
Montasser Abdel Moneim Dec 03, 2011
UAE National Day, Veyron Style...!
Zain Sheikh Dec 01, 2011
It's meant to be a symbol for UAE
David Rosenberg Dec 01, 2011
And it's cool that they left the carbon fiber!
Mike Lanza Dec 01, 2011
Did he have the windows tinted green?! That's pretty cool and unique if so
Will Edwards Dec 11, 2011
I think this car looks weird
Montasser Abdel Moneim Dec 03, 2011
UAE National Day 2011
Daniel Bellafonte Dec 02, 2011
Not too bad from this angle
David Rosenberg Dec 01, 2011
That building looks like a synogogue
Dan Ruth Dec 01, 2011
Pretty dumb looking imho lol