Comments - Rendered: Bugatti Super-Sedan Concept by Hristov

Published: Dec 01, 2011
Description: Whether or not the Bugatti Galibier will ever make it to production is a mystery within itself, as the super-sedan we all thought was coming as the mighty Veyron's successor never came to fruitio...
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Buddy Robinson Dec 02, 2011
Anybody excited for the possible new NSX next year?
Michael Kozlowski Dec 01, 2011
Well you take your odyssey and I'll take the Bugatti instead lol
David Rosenberg Dec 01, 2011
The veyron is dying down so far that I would prefer a Honda Odyssey over it lol I love Lamborghini!
Description: Hristov's Bugatti Super-Sedan features some new and innovative ideas for the supercar, such as the headlights which are hidden behind a panel when not in use. Gullwing doors and a four-wheel-driv...
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Duncan Gibson Dec 06, 2011
They should. But not on a bugatti
Nathaniel Young Dec 01, 2011
Popup headlamps making a comeback? Haha
Cody Gillard Oct 11, 2012
Already looks better than the galiber
Jose Hernandez Dec 18, 2011
Were are the head lights????????^^^
Shane Jansen Dec 02, 2011
Oh god this is not a Bugatti design at all other than the grille
Brandon Lidy Dec 02, 2011
Change the hood up, and make the rest of the body flow with the front end. Best looking thing from bugatti in half a century
Vincent Butler Dec 02, 2011
Well this won't surprise me if this will be the design. Veyron is THE ugliest exotic sports car.
Vincent Butler Dec 02, 2011
This car looks like shit. It's disgusting.
Lee Cascio Dec 02, 2011
This looks like the last thing you see before it comes to kill you.
Henry Cummings Dec 01, 2011
Those who think that this car is not awemazing need to be checked for being a retard. You all can go drive you dumb ass hybrids. but those who now what is good get what I am saying.
Matthew McKernan Dec 01, 2011
Bugattis should have smooth elegant lines, they're a piece of art and this one just doesnt have that elegance. Good thing its only a concept though.
Trevor Hendrickson Dec 01, 2011
if i had a dollar for every time someone made a comment about batman and the batmobile I would be pretty dang rich!
Brad Hickey Dec 01, 2011
Brett* not Zack. Sorry Zack!
Brad Hickey Dec 01, 2011
Anddd Zack proves that people have poor reading comprehension.
Zack Hickman Dec 01, 2011
Last time i checked, a SEDAN had FOUR doors.
Timothy Hooker Dec 01, 2011
Looks like a pig running at u
Nicolas Pons Dec 01, 2011
I hate when these come out alot of people think that these designers actually plan to use the designs. This is a fun thing someone did. I doubt he works for bugtti, i doubt they'll consider this design. And for my view on the car... It's not bugatti
Brett Judy Dec 01, 2011
Bugatti would never make anything this ugly!
Dan Bousquet Dec 01, 2011
i really like the hidden headlights, makes the whole car look brutal and menacing
Charles Pope Dec 03, 2011
If I saw this on the road. I'd get out of my car and hit this thing with a baseball bat at a stoplight.
Ervis Dec 02, 2011
no matter how fast or fun this car is the look would just kill it.
Alexis Suarez Dec 02, 2011
I thought it was supposed to b a sedan...y does it only have two doors??
Felix E. Romier Dec 01, 2011
It looks like a 12c galibiet got pooped on
Justin Green Dec 01, 2011
This thing is a freaking tank.
Dylan Bures Dec 01, 2011
That spike is hideous
Kasy Martell Dec 01, 2011
I didn't notice it until Sam pointed it out, but the front does look like the RX-8
Sam Coppinger Dec 01, 2011
No good. Doesn't look like a Bugatti, and the front wheel arch looks like the Mazda RX-8. This is not a compliment.
Ryan Kells Dec 01, 2011
It looks a lot better than the Galiber.
Clark Thompson Dec 01, 2011
Like the back, looks just like a Veyron
Brad Hickey Dec 01, 2011
It's literally 3 arches. Seems like he spent most of his time on the front.
Avery Doyal Dec 01, 2011
Doors???? Looks nice though
Dylan Vergel de Dios Jan 09, 2012
what the h happened the world's best car?!?!
Garrett Frye Dec 01, 2011
I know, just criticizing this person's design :).
Jon Ashley Dec 01, 2011
It doesn't look too bad, but I doubt bugatti will use this. It's just a concept. Experimental design
Garrett Frye Dec 01, 2011
Even if it is a bugatti element, it still has to look good, and that just looks out of place.
Zachary Maurer Dec 01, 2011
Ya, but that's a little exagerated...
Thibault Leroy Dec 01, 2011
not really thats a bugatti tradition to have a front wheel arc like that
Garrett Frye Dec 01, 2011
That front wheel arch looks really out of place
Gianni Falzone Dec 02, 2011
Looks like the Predators mask. Get to tha choppa!