Description: Ken Block and the Stig are hooning it up in a 2011 Ford Falcon FPV GT-P during the cover shoot for this month's issue of Top Gear Magazine Australia.
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Razor Curtiss Dec 07, 2011
An the G6 wouldn't compair
Razor Curtiss Dec 07, 2011
I say ford should bring the falcon to amarica just as it is just make it left side drive and produce it in the USA and I'm telling u that would be the sickest car ever it would have no competition sept maybe the G6
Shane Carroll Nov 10, 2011
He's a good driver, but a bad racer
Andrew Grimm Nov 10, 2011
Travis Pastrana is far from a bad driver and he is from America
Ken Madison Nov 09, 2011
Set down your purse and race then alex? Anyways, we don't care about rally racing, so im not even going to give you the time of day.
Alex Zanardi Wetterstrom Nov 09, 2011
Ken block is an absolute horse crap driver. He has never one a wrc event and his finish was 8th and that's because the rest of the drivers were Dnf. He is horrible just like every rally racer that has come out of America.
Jairo Garcia Nov 09, 2011
Oooppss winning lol thx for the correction think I'm going deff. Still Like the car more than the driver tho
Andrew Grimm Nov 09, 2011
Anyone can do all the stuff he does with some practice. Yea it is pretty cool what he does, but he is just over hyped.
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 09, 2011
Constantly out if the top ten in rally series still = way better driver than all the haters lol.
El Berto Casillas Nov 09, 2011
Gymkhana 4 was by far my least favorite of the series. He needs to lose the Hollywood crap. And he is a great driver, however clever editing can make anyone look like an outstanding driver.
Alfredo Diaz Nov 09, 2011
A ken is a rally driver B he only uses all wheel drive C all tou hater gtfo or watch gymkhana 4
Quinn Anderson Nov 09, 2011
He said "RWD really isn't my game" meaning he isn't used to it
Jason Brower Nov 09, 2011
Were the party horns really necessary?
Jairo Garcia Nov 09, 2011
"rear wheel drive isn't my thing" GTF out of here block wht driver says tht
Edd Uhlan Nov 09, 2011
" The man is usless he can't drive in a straight line! " James May :))
Avery Doyal Nov 09, 2011
I don't care about Ken I just wanted to see the stig kick some ass!
Kyle Wininger Nov 09, 2011
Let the stig drive more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Austin Bride Nov 09, 2011
Why can't we get this car in the states?!
Alex Zanardi Wetterstrom Nov 09, 2011
God Ken block is a tool.
Michael Gallagher Nov 09, 2011
Which side are you on British Stig..
Description: Now, Top Gear Australia (the show) has already been cancelled, however the magazine is still going strong. It's important to note that this is the British Stig, not his short-term-on-TV Aussie co...
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Shane Carroll Nov 10, 2011
@Micheal the only ones I can think of is TG, The Office, and Whose Line Is It Anyway.
Dennis Rech Nov 10, 2011
I'm guessing Robert meant no OTHER top gear can match the original. I think that if any of the three hosts were to quit or have something happen to them the show would fail. It is the cohesion of the three that makes the show.
Michael Gallagher Nov 10, 2011
America always follows in the British foot steps. All of are shows are from there. Except for 'reality tv' and that's just a catastrophic clusterf$€k done by the US.
Dainius Kuodis Nov 10, 2011
American tg is just starting. Watch some of the first seasons of British tg. It wasn't that great either. Lets just hope American tg follows the footsteps.
Andrew Grimm Nov 09, 2011
Hell no it can't. Have you seen their acting? It is horrible compared to the original british top gear.
Robert Algerithim Nov 09, 2011
No Top Gear can beat British Top Gear
Carlie George Nov 09, 2011
@Shane Lol so true so true
Shane Carroll Nov 09, 2011
Top Gear US is probably not far behind
Andrew Grimm Nov 10, 2011
Lol well it is still a ford
Kaigan Viner Nov 09, 2011
Haha nice try. Ken was having a Fiesta in that Falcon with his tremendous Focus making all that burnout Fusion
Matt Wilder Nov 09, 2011
@Andrew Grimm. It's not a fiesta, it's a falcon.
Andrew Grimm Nov 09, 2011
Lol it is a Fiesta. What makes it worse is that it is a Ford lol