Description: Seen by the Japanese automaker as "an entirely new kind of mobility," sitting somewhere between a conventional motorcycle and car, the Q-concept will doubtless be one of the major talking po...
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Description: This is due to its attractive cabin that has a range of configuration options.
For instance, a single seat at the front with a two-person child seat at the back, or a single seat up front and a car...
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Duncan Gibson Nov 11, 2011
This is a kids toy right?
Peter Bruschi Nov 10, 2011
the aztek is a jewel compared to this
Peter Bruschi Nov 09, 2011
wht concept did GM ever put out thts as ugly as this?
Dale Schroeder Nov 09, 2011
Japanese concepts are always completely ridiculous like this, they're obviously just design studies or someone having too much fun with their job. Of course they're not going to actually produce this, sheesh.
Peter Bruschi Nov 09, 2011
whts with all these lil ugly ass jap cars? this 1 looks like a friggin ipod click-wheel...
Peter Bruschi Nov 09, 2011
good luck gettin outta tht thing in a side impact
Dale Schroeder Nov 09, 2011
Man, that's some real 1970's sci-fi design there. Does the satnav sound like the old Enterprise ship's computer too?
Colin Dzendolet Nov 09, 2011
Bathroom floor mats to complete the mobile port-o-potty look, just forgot the blue paint
Ben Miller Nov 09, 2011
Yeah I gotta say, that shag carpet definitely makes it!
Conner Posten Nov 09, 2011
Floating headrests ?
Thomas Opie Taylor Nov 09, 2011
Looks very promising for a city car
Wes Stone Nov 09, 2011
Its da candy land car