Description: Everyone's favorite British show since Monty Python's Flying Circus has just announced that it is coming back for its 18th season, beginning in January of next year. The day Top Gear made it...
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Michael Gallagher Nov 08, 2011
Thank God!! They were all making their own movies, thought they went their separate ways. Glad season 18 will be out (season 9 American wise)
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
I can think of quite a few jobs that are better.... But I sure wouldn't complain if I had their job.
Luke Purdy Nov 08, 2011
Their job is pretty much just drive as fast as they can while we watch then cringing to be in their shoes. Not a bad job I say
Chris Penza Nov 08, 2011
You don't know what I would do to drive all kinds of beautiful cars for a job
Description: Our heroes were piloting a Noble M600, McLaren MP4-12C and a Lamborghini Aventador near the Nardo high speed ring. We will have to wait until January to see the action go down, however check out the v...
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John Byrne Dec 13, 2011
Gimme the lambo.....Please!!!!!
Devin Mortenson Nov 28, 2011
The aventador would probably blow the doors off the other two
Greg Kenerly Nov 09, 2011
Cats Meow, yes but that Aventador is the beast of all beasts, behind the Enzo and Veyron. It's looks are unbelievably evil.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
It's more exotic than the other two. Everyone knows about lamborghini and Ferrari.... If you show up in a noble 600, your the cats meow.
Weston Caloyer Nov 08, 2011
Definitely the nobel. It's crazy fast as they've proven before.
Dale Fredriks Nov 08, 2011
I'm with you ken. The noble is absolutely amazing, as well as being exceptionally rare, in addition to it being in my top 5 best cars.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
I'd take that noble 600 hands down. Definitely the most interesting of the 3, and come on, the noble is far more exotic.
Dan Bousquet Nov 08, 2011
wish i knew wat they were saying about the cars. im sure its another classic top gear 3 way arguement.all i could pick up was the jeremy really likes the back of the aventador
Carter Sullivan Nov 08, 2011
Jeremy takes the Aventador James takes the McLaren Richard takes the Noble
Mark Suvorov Nov 08, 2011
I didn't watch video I am sure that Jeremy ll take noble James ll take lp700 And Hammond ll take fax machine
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 08, 2011
Standing around smoking the cancer sticks lol. All of them are putting on weight even little Hamond.
Robert G Boulay Nov 08, 2011
Obviously some amateur video by one of the crew (couldn't even get close to the cars). And then a glimpse of Clarkson. Oh well, let's wait for the real thing.
Luke Walker Nov 08, 2011
Great cars but the video leaves a bit to be desired.
Tajul Islam Nov 08, 2011
If i was the director, i'd sell the noble and buy a local produce, something from, say, maranello?
Chris Penza Nov 08, 2011
Yea you're right it deserves a lot more appreciation then it gets in the USA. Unlike the prius...
Anthony Cordiale Nov 08, 2011
The noble isn't really known as much in the states. but first time I saw the car on top gear it represented it's fast
Jack Higgins Nov 08, 2011
Lol carter. Way to make me laugh out loud on a public bus.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 08, 2011
Acceleration-m600 and aventador Handling-mclaren and aventador Comfort-mclaren Everything else-aventador...;p
Carter Sullivan Nov 08, 2011
Except for the two orange ones
Kevin Callejas Nov 08, 2011
Wow that is part of my dream car collection
Dale Fredriks Nov 08, 2011
I don't really see a competition to Ferrari in these. In my opinion, these are all above everything Ferrari makes except the 599 GTO, which would be hideously uncomfortable wherever they took it.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
And you can definitely tell that the noble looks extremely American even though it's not. They've chosen performance over flash and show.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
The GTR is no match for a 30 round STANAG of 62gr steel tip penetrators. Would you like another useless and irrelevant comparison??? :) Couldn't resist.
Curtis Stuart Nov 08, 2011
The noble is no match go a Ferrari or a GT-R
Stephen Cobbs Nov 08, 2011
Three of my favorite cars M600 is amazing.
Michael Palazzo Nov 08, 2011
that's awesome, go aventador!
Ben Winck Nov 08, 2011
These cars cost all different prices. They don't compare
Kyle Silvera Nov 08, 2011
That's just plain disrespectful hahah
Gerald P. Kierce Nov 08, 2011
Yeah I agree, they could have put a Ferrari in Italy. It's common sense and decency haha.