Comments - SEMA 2011: Heins Motorsports Mustang Boss 302RS

Published: Nov 08, 2011
Description: Heins Motorsports has just debuted their purpose-built Mustang Boss 302RS for NASA and SCCA racing at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Based on the Mustang Boss 302, the 302RS was designed to improve aerod...
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Description: On the interior, the racing-spec 'Stang is equipped with a bespoke lightweight carbon fiber dashboard and door panels, racing seats, racing steering wheel and a FIA-approved roll cage. Heins Moto...
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Shane Heid Nov 09, 2011
Agreed dale, they took all the steps, I like it
Dale Schroeder Nov 08, 2011
It's always nice to see a proper racing car that's been built from the ground up, and not just a stripped out road car with go-fast stuff bolted in.
Darren Martin Nov 08, 2011
I like the arrow pointing to the tow cable haha
Freddy Garcia Nov 08, 2011
To busy in the front
Matthew Crighton Nov 08, 2011
Mabey for loading it or securing it during transport.
Chandler Ryan Stout Nov 08, 2011
This might be dumb...whats the hook for
Michael Palazzo Nov 08, 2011
I was never a big fan of ketchup, but this is a pretty cool stang
Maaz Mansoor Nov 08, 2011
I bet this will look good on the track
Callum Mckay Nov 09, 2011
Not a stang fan but id take this
Jason Cotugno Nov 08, 2011
Sweet...nice colors and design...I'll take one
Dan Rather Nov 09, 2011
I was referring it to being an option on regular cars
Darren Martin Nov 08, 2011
@Dan Of course there's no windows! It's a track-spec car. Windows add weight to the car, which you don't want too much of
Anthony Cordiale Nov 08, 2011
This would be a cool option on the regular car