Posted on: Nov 08, 2011
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Leaked: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spied in Car Park

At last, we have bona fide pictures of the next generation Genesis Coupe.
The official unveiling of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe takes place in South Korea this Saturday, and these spy shots may be the start of a deluge to come in from our Asian friends in the build-up to this hotly-anticipated event. Here we catch a glimpse of the base-spec model with what appears to be a metallic silver paintjob as it sits undisguised in a parking lot looking remarkably like photos of the next generation Genesis that were doing the rounds last week.
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Recall that when Hyundai caught wind of these photos they were quick to claim they had been photoshopped, but with these fresh pictures it appears the automaker may have been telling us fibs or else the creator of the leaked official shot had an amazing sense of foresight.

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