Comments - Drag Race Tuesdays: Bugatti Veyron vs. Koenigsegg CCXR

Published: Nov 08, 2011
Description: Two of the fastest cars in the world going head-to-head on a rolling start is definitely something that has to feature in this week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays. The Koenigsegg (in its CCR for...
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Alanda Burroughs Nov 11, 2011
Who cares that a tricked out Viper, Vette, Mustang or whatever can beat a stock Bugatti. Hell...anybody can build a quarter mile terror given the notion to. But we don't give a crap about that. The Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and others like them are for style, speed, power, and exclusivity all in one package. Appreciate them for what they are and stop complaining about something you could nev...
Damien de Pyle Nov 10, 2011
Another win for the second best car in the world. First is the Veyron Super Sport! Now if the normal Veyron can beat the Swiss miss then the Super Sport will blitz it! And anyway the Veyron is more of a technological achievement then the koenigsegg will ever be!
Andrew Grimm Nov 09, 2011
I would rather have a car that can go fast and actually look good than have something that looks like the gayron.
KeX Lim Nov 09, 2011
Exactly, David. With a Veyron, you get to drive faster than almost everyone else in superb comfort and luxury. It's certainly better than shattering your spine in a "hardcore" hypercar with rock hard suspension.
David Justice Nov 08, 2011
...which I think makes it more trustworthy than cars from tuner companies.
David Justice Nov 08, 2011
It's always the comeback because it's a good one. Despite it weighing so much, It has amazing acceleration, super high top speed, and is luxurious at the same time. Plus, it has tons of money and resources invested from parent companyVW.
Chandler Ryan Stout Nov 08, 2011
I'd be willing to shave weight by sacrificing my luxury items. A 1000 horsepower car shouldnt need a luxurious interior. By the way. I love how thats always the come back.
Riley McKelvie Nov 08, 2011
Yeah Phillip the quality of the interior makes the car 4.3x faster. Adds at least 442 horsepower........
KeX Lim Nov 08, 2011
@ Phillip. But none of them would have the quality of the veyron's interior.
Phillip Greene Nov 08, 2011
Veyron is a turd any other car with even a close to that kinda power would beat it
Mario Callirgos Nov 08, 2011
Ya the hennessey viper a beat the veyron in 2005 In the mile
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
Not a dream bud. All have faster 0-60 times except maybe the viper. And way faster 0-100 times. That bugatti top speed doesn't mean anything in a quarter mile.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
Now let's see the hennessey viper, venom GT, and lingenfelter Z06 wipe the floor with the bugatti.
Description: The Bugatti packs 1,001hp and the Koenigsegg has 1,079hp. They run from 0-62mph in 2.6 and 3.1 seconds, respectively, and hit 124mph in 7.3 and 8.9 seconds. It's a close call on paper. After the ...
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John Bohn Apr 07, 2012
Is the Veyron's engine German manfactured?
Luke Murphy Feb 22, 2012
The Veryron is the king
Timathy Dorman Nov 09, 2011
I think the Koenigsegg is better looking
Tucker Grimley Nov 09, 2011
Children, the veyron was built to be the fastest production car in the world, not for a bunch of drag enthusiasts to hate on it for not being the fastest drag car ever. This is not a race car, this car represents luxury, power, and soul.
Carlie George Nov 09, 2011
Bugatti is still número UNO until someone takes it down and I think they should try by adding cylinders instead of turbo and it's not easy to extract 1000 hp from anywhere so props to vw oh I'll take a eb 110 ss
Brennon Aucoin Nov 09, 2011
So much bugatti hate, I mean sure it doesn't look as cool as a Lamborghini or a pagani but when you get in and turn the key and hear that v16 roar, that's what it's all about
Brahim Gudah Nov 09, 2011
Alan I agree veyron ss vs venom gt the bugatti 0-100 is about 1 second faster but 0-200 is like 8 seconds faster according to the interweb so good match but rolling start venom all the way
Brahim Gudah Nov 09, 2011
Lol lets see Hennessy venom vs veyron but that would just be rape... I thought the ccxr would win with a rolling start but props to the buggati for doing exactly what it was designed to do... Go faster than another car
Pablo Herasme Nov 09, 2011
Bugatti all day even though it looks burns my eyes
Patrick Schalk Nov 09, 2011
No Pistons I see your Powerwheels and raise you Hot Wheels!
Colin Barr Nov 09, 2011
Ps the Agera r has the potential to run 275mph but they don't have the facility. It one of the most under appreciated car companies out there and it warms my heart to see everyone giving this CCX the love it deserves
Colin Barr Nov 09, 2011
I'd still take the koenigsegg
Yianni Apostolopoulos Nov 09, 2011
Koenigsegg Agera R vs. CCXR would be better
Yianni Apostolopoulos Nov 09, 2011
Ahh now we know that the Bugatti is faster than ANOTHER type of car... You don't get THAT kind of information anywhere!
Chris Penza Nov 08, 2011
I'll take the ccxr and a Thompson 1928 to blow up the bugatti
Danny Tran Nov 08, 2011
It should be a Agera R racing the veyron!!
Miguel Blanco Nov 08, 2011
This was an amazing race. I would prefer the Koenigsegg but I do respect the Bugatti
Alan Duarte Nov 08, 2011
I think a closer race would be the 16.4 Super Sport vs a Hennessey Venom Gt
Patrick Schalk Nov 08, 2011
Ford Pinto all day. Bugatti can't touch it.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 08, 2011
Agera R all day. Just sayin.
Shane Carroll Nov 08, 2011
CCX all day. Looks better, sounds better. Plus, there's something about a car that wants to kill you that's just cool
Sean Winebrenner Nov 08, 2011
I rather have the CCR over any other Koeiinseggseggseggsegg haha. The CCR is a more clean and simple design. But I rather have a McLaren F1 with the optional McLaren downforce kit over both of these haha.
Joel Hayes Nov 08, 2011
C'mon i want to see Veyron vs. Agera R
Kevin Rehbock Nov 08, 2011
It's a driver's test of skill. Torque and horsepower mean nothing if you don't know how to control it.
Jason Brower Nov 08, 2011
I'd take the koniggsegg any day over the bugatti. One is a technical showcase, the other is an amazing car.
Michael Riley Nov 08, 2011
not really close on paper. js.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
But Uh, it take that Swedish car any day over anything I've seen on here in a while... That thing is amazing.
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
Yeah it's modified, but I think it'd be interesting. Anything that can beat a bugatti in a straight line is worth seeing. I don't care if it's a civic. If it wasn't HEAVILY modified it'd get slaughtered. 0-60 in 1.9 confirmed, top speed in the 250s
Thibault Leroy Nov 08, 2011
my favorite car in the world the veyron :D
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
I'd bet my car and house that the lingenfelter Z06 would slap the bugatti in the face in a 1/4 or 1/2. I'd bet my wife a dodge caravan could eat a bugatti for lunch though ;)
Michael Page Nov 08, 2011
So the fastest car in the world is faster than a koenisegg...hmmm
Zachary Allison Nov 08, 2011
No other car can win
Lou Guerrero Nov 08, 2011
Mechanical beasts. I like to think If Bugatti as Italian via France.
Serega Karchevskyy Nov 08, 2011
Russians having fun.
Puck Midsummer Nov 08, 2011
If the ccx is stock it would only have 806 horsepower
Chris Penza Nov 08, 2011
When you look at the side at 0:15 it says ccxf. Not sure if the R is messed up or it's some one off
Christopher Alex Mohamed Nov 08, 2011
Close! It seems the veyron got a slight jump.
Michael Lopez Nov 08, 2011
Looks like the Koenigsegg bout to come air born lol