Description: Not somewhere that immediately comes to mind when thinking of a country that produces exotic supercars, but with the Zenvo ST1 Denmark is certainly making a name for itself. Courtesy of Red Sea Distri...
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Shane Carroll Nov 07, 2011
I almost forgot about this car. I absolutely love this thing
Jordan Smith Nov 07, 2011
I love the ST1, beautiful car but not so beautiful price.
Casper Due Hansen Nov 07, 2011
Proud of being Danish ;-)
José Fernando Bregel Ordoñez Nov 07, 2011
Who cares about the watch, that car is sick!
Tanner Middleton Nov 07, 2011
nothing like an r8, mix between a fisker and an aston martin + some other BA cars.
Jairo Garcia Nov 07, 2011
Y does the plastic look so cheap, should use carbon fiber, add tht option to the list ;)
Callum Daly Nov 07, 2011
That doesn't even remotely look like an audi r8
Edith Wharton Nov 07, 2011
I see storm trooper and awesomeness. No r8
Shane Carroll Nov 07, 2011
Front reminds me of a storm trooper
Luke Walker Nov 07, 2011
Looks alien like my R1 lol
Connor Smyth-Hammond Nov 07, 2011
thank you for the stupid comment snarky audi fan \/
Adelaide Marconi Nov 07, 2011
It's just a more futuristic Audi R8...
Peter Bruschi Nov 07, 2011
BAD-ASS! probly my next fav supercar!
Marcus Nho Nov 07, 2011
Love the aggressive look!!!
Jonathan Romero Nov 07, 2011
It's an agree alien!...awsome looking machine
Description: The additional $575,000 (or $526k if you subtract the watch) gets you a rear-wheel drive twin-charged in-house 7.0-liter V8 tuned to produce a mind-boggling 1250hp and 1106lb-ft of torque and coupled ...
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Devin Babyn Nov 07, 2011
That's taking the price of the watch off of the price of the car
Justin Tucker Nov 07, 2011
What are they talking about 565k for the watch,other page said it was 46k
Vince DeMasi Nov 07, 2011
Oh yeah 427 cubic inches of fury!
Peter Bruschi Nov 07, 2011
tht speed limit control is gonna get hacked soon haha... put slicks on it nd ditch the showy rims, then u shud b ok
Jonathan Romero Nov 07, 2011
U think u would get a better launch time with all that motor underneath the hood..(0-62 in3 secs is still sick though)
Description: Individual monogrammed seats and a dedication plaque signed by the engineers and owners form part of the package, as does on-site warranty and service work which will be carried out by Zenvo's co...
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Zachary Allison Nov 08, 2011
They better but this in need for speed cuz this is a sexy freakin car
Duncan Gibson Nov 07, 2011
Damn thats a sexy car. Love those headlights and grille!
Dale Schroeder Nov 07, 2011
I always did like that front end. It makes the car look like it's constantly screaming angrily at you to get out of it's way.
Jordan Smith Nov 07, 2011
This has curves and sharp edges that are put together perfectly.
Alex Klemstein Nov 07, 2011
So Miftah, by the sounds of it you'd like the Volkswagen Beetle too. Your argument is invalid.
Nick Benz Nov 07, 2011
So Miftah, do you not like the aventador??
Braydon Pack Nov 07, 2011
It's more of a mans super car not a curvy Veyron
Miftah Rasheed Amir Nov 07, 2011
No, I don't like it. The edges are just too sharp. I prefer smoother ones, like the Veyron, R8 and so on.
Edith Wharton Nov 07, 2011
This is my favorite super car for looks by far
Shane Carroll Nov 07, 2011
For a first go at making a supercar, these guys did a killer job
Axel Cousins Nov 07, 2011
That Is amazing!!!!!
Kent Sullivan Nov 07, 2011
It wants to eat lesser cars
Thomas Opie Taylor Nov 07, 2011
Build it they'll COME
Jarrod Harrison Nov 07, 2011
This could be the best looking car ever made.
Shane Carroll Nov 07, 2011
The only way this could look meaner is if it was dragging a clubbed baby seal behind it. Awesome
Zachary Maurer Nov 07, 2011
What Axel, the terminator taillights not enough, lol
Axel Cousins Nov 07, 2011
That back looks good but could look more aggressive.
Jonathan Romero Nov 07, 2011
My gosh the back looks as angry as it is at the front this car..Agressive in amost any stands.. Loving this beauty/beast
Edith Wharton Nov 07, 2011
Do you want the watch
Brad Wood Nov 07, 2011
How much for this interior?
Maaz Mansoor Nov 07, 2011
The gear lever looks out of placr
Jonathan Romero Nov 07, 2011
I give it a Solid A! I think I might of found my new dream car D:.. Lol
eddy Apr 12, 2012
WTF You spend most of the time in the interior than looking at the outside.
Philippe Raymond Mar 07, 2012
I dont think the interior is the important thing of the car. I dont about the interior, I care about the style of the car and the power of the motor.
Philippe Raymond Feb 26, 2012
I dont know how but I draw a beautiful car concept and they like quasily copied me! I dont know how, but this is really crazy!!
Keenan Sachs Jan 14, 2012
those gauges are from porsche.. def not horrid.
Manvir Badesha Nov 08, 2011
Gauges are horrid. Look like they from a dodge neon. Steering wheel is pretty bad too. Other than that its really beautiful
Cam Heaney Nov 07, 2011
This car doesn't need shift LEDs because it doesn't have flappy paddles. Traditional manual, like how it should be.
Jairo Garcia Nov 07, 2011
Interior is ok but didn't look like a 1+ million dollar car interior ie. Bugatti
Shane Carroll Nov 07, 2011
Who needs shift lights? Whatever happened to looking at the tachometer
Zachary Maurer Nov 07, 2011
@ Omar, why do you cate, you can't afford one, I don't think any of us could, let the oweners argue over one LITTLE part of the car, they probably wanted it this way anyway, their easer to read
Omar Al-Rushaid Nov 07, 2011
Almost all ferraries got wheel LEDs, and they are supercars. Hell even Pagani done it. So i dont know what the hell is your point.
Kent Sullivan Nov 07, 2011
Shift LEDs, seriously? Dude get a life it's a super car not track car
Omar Al-Rushaid Nov 07, 2011
Oh come on .. How hard can it be to design a unique speedometer? And that steering wheel looks boring, need shift LEDs (IMO). Otherwise awesome car.
Luke Walker Nov 07, 2011
I like how the speedo goes up in 100's
Jim Cavallaro Nov 07, 2011
The shifter is too big!
Kabir Suri Nov 07, 2011
Aren't those the same gauges as Porsche? O.o
Kevin Watson Nov 07, 2011
The center console looks like a face with his mouth open looking at the shifter like its hard on.