Comments - Corvette ZR59 Stands Out at SEMA

Published: Nov 07, 2011
Description: Originally a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, the beautifully reworked Chevy now stands proud with a complete Pro-Touring makeover coupled with a custom chassis by Art Morrison and a hand-built fiber-glass an...
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Description: A hand-fabricated dash, center console and gauge cluster are highlights of the impressive interior that completes one of the better aftermarket projects witnessed at SEMA 2011. Unfortunately, no exact...
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Dennis Rech Nov 08, 2011
I agree with Ken. $300,000-400,000.
Brad Hickey Nov 07, 2011
Not a zero, but not that high either. $150,000+ is my guess.
Clayton Corley Nov 07, 2011
I'd say the bidding will end at about 750,000-1,000,000
Shane Heid Nov 08, 2011
@johnny don't compare west coast customs stupid creations to an art morrison masterpiece. This is a supercar in classic body cladding
Joseph Flieder Nov 07, 2011
Yes but that one was hideous.
Johnny Hoover Nov 07, 2011
Or you could just have west coast customs make you one sense they made one first for the black eyed pees guy
Igor Boos Nov 07, 2011
This is will be $250,000+.... +.... and one more +
Tanner Middleton Nov 07, 2011
put a bit of a lip on those rims and that beast is perfect.
Scott Lenahan Nov 07, 2011
im gonna go out on a limb and say this looks pretty freaking sick
Andrew Palmer Nov 07, 2011
I got like 14 negatives on autoblog for saying I didnt like this car....everyone on here seems to think "meh" as well
Joseph Flieder Nov 07, 2011
I think some fat white walls would do it justice
Rod Dobson Nov 07, 2011
Um NO!color wrong.wheels wrong but some one will love it
Colin Dzendolet Nov 07, 2011
Gorgeous! Slightly smaller rims with a little more rubber on them would make it look much better though
Ben 'Jammin Peters Nov 07, 2011
Love it, just needs the original rims.
Dale Schroeder Nov 07, 2011
The engine cover gives the whole car a sort of retro-futuristic look.
Devin Babyn Nov 07, 2011
That's a beautiful car
Jordan Smith Nov 07, 2011
I would like it more if it wasn't lowered so much, but it still looks beastly.
Tomas Franquelli Nov 07, 2011
Yeah, but I mean they made it into a proper modern sports car. I would have this if I already had a standard one. Haha
Stephen Cobbs Nov 07, 2011
Its nice but they messed with a classic.
Patrick Schalk Nov 07, 2011
This thing is so freakin sweet. Very tastefully done. Great job.
Shane Heid Nov 08, 2011
Lol its a 59 vette the back looks exactly how it's supposed to only wider
Phil Johnson Nov 07, 2011
Wheels need to brought out closer to the body, but not poking out. I hate that sunken look.
Jack Huford Nov 07, 2011
The back just seems...bleh.
Mason Christopher Thomas Nov 07, 2011
The back is not attractive
Connor Smyth-Hammond Nov 07, 2011
everything is gorgeous until the back end.
Dennis Rech Nov 08, 2011
Yeah, back bumper just isn't quite right. It's just a little too much. Mildly modified front and rear bumpers would have been better.
Jordan Smith Nov 07, 2011
Shoulda kept the chrome
Chris Penza Nov 07, 2011
I saw a 54 vette a few months ago, This isn't nearly as good as the original
Michael Riley Nov 08, 2011
way too much leather. I like classic cars with more of the plastic-ish interior. I think. maybe just more original.
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 08, 2011
I like the bag less 6 speed look on this with the short throw pretty impressed with this vette all the way around
Ken Madison Nov 07, 2011
It's a 6 speed, it can't be H pattern.
Joseph Flieder Nov 07, 2011
The seats look really comfortable.
Michael Beach Nov 07, 2011
Nice recliner chairs
Callum Mckay Nov 07, 2011
Its cool, but they messed some stuff up, like the fact its not a H pattern
Jordan Smith Nov 07, 2011
WTF is up with that gear selector?
Eduardo Gomez Nov 25, 2011
I might be old style but I love everything that is different and this is so different that I just love it
Dennis Rech Nov 08, 2011
Really David? Fan boys? I'm so tired of hearing this idiotic comment regarding any fan of a specific car. For all of you third graders who like to use this description, please refrain from future comments until your old enough to pee standing up.
Shane Heid Nov 08, 2011
@issac why? Real power to much for you? I would drive the crap outta this thing
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Nov 08, 2011
Yea not diggin it, if I owned it, it would probably sit in the garage 95% of the time
Ken Madison Nov 07, 2011
There's a difference Mikey, different internals and the LS9 has a larger super charger.
David Justice Nov 07, 2011
Okay okay. I'm sorry, it's a plastic covering the blower, not just the engine. ;) Calm down fan boys
Michael Beach Nov 07, 2011
Oh they dropped an LS in... How unique
Phillip Greene Nov 07, 2011
Yea that fat guy is a prick its not a cover douch its a blower
David Justice Nov 07, 2011
Top gear said it best when they asked why would with ZR1 have a window to show the engine bay? It's nothing like showing off art like a Ferrari or AMG engine. It's a window to show off a plastic covering?