Comments - Best SEMA 2011 Hot Hatches

Published: Nov 07, 2011
Description: SEMA 2011 brought sexy back to the hatchback in a big way. With all of the hype surrounding the awesome muscle cars, trucks and coupes presented at SEMA 2011, it could be easy to overlook all of the s...
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Description: I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a Toyota Yaris the same way again after seeing the Yaris B-Spec Club Racer. This speedy hot hatch was designed by SportsCar Magazine and is equippe...
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Description: Fiat has thrown its hat into the B-Spec racing ring with the aptly named Fiat 500 B-Spec created by Road Race Motorsports. This 500 has been given a complete ambush makeover starting with its fierce b...
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Juan Carlos Duran Nov 07, 2011
They look like spun supamesh to me
Jovani Marcus Matos Nov 07, 2011
Anyone know the name of the wheels??
Description: Mazda is attempting to revive their “Zoom Zoom” slogan with the Mazda Turbo2 Concept. The Mazda Turbo2 has an a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine pumping out 263hp. The Turbo2 has lost a few...
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Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Nov 08, 2011
263hp and only 2300lbs should be fast but too much money
Ken Madison Nov 08, 2011
Yeah, I'll go buy a fully loaded carbon Z06 for that.
Jeriot Dowland Nov 07, 2011
For a Mazda2 uh no thanks but if only it were cheaper
Dylan Bruder Nov 07, 2011
Darn this would have been my pick too but not for almost 100k
Description: RIDES Magazine has stolen the hot hatch show at SEMA 2011 with its three custom Hyundai Velosters. Each Veloster is designed after a certain theme, in this case gaming, music and technology. Each car ...
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Frederick Perez Nov 08, 2011
... Bec Hyundai hired the Engineer from Audi
Jeriot Dowland Nov 07, 2011
I agree Hyundai really stepped their game up in the last couple of years
Alex Cameron Nov 07, 2011
These are really good looking cars I think, Hyundai is doing well now
Riley McKelvie Nov 07, 2011
Best one. Not all the ugly stickers and crap