Description: Motorsport legend Ron Fellows was recently inducted in the National Corvette Museum's Hall of Fame, and in so doing this 'Hall of Fame' tribute Z06 was unveiled in recognition of his ac...
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Description: These include a Magnetic Selective Ride Control, a carbon-fiber package with splitter and rocker moldings, carbon-fiber raised hood, ebony interior; while suede-trim with red stitching from the 2012 C...
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Vince DeMasi Nov 06, 2011
I would kill for an LS-7
Chris Harrison Nov 06, 2011
just sayin I love those wheels
Andrew Grimm Nov 06, 2011
Yea that is where it is at. I need to take a trip up there. I am less than an hour away from it and I want to go see my first ZR1. Hahah but I haven't gone in a few years and that was before I was really into cars and corvettes.
Ken Madison Nov 06, 2011
I'd think it would be in bowling green Kentucky with the plant and museum.
Patrick Schalk Nov 06, 2011
It's high up in the heavens
Chris Penza Nov 06, 2011
Where is the corvette hall of fame? Michigan?
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 06, 2011
Stripes are just an all around car thing not a ricer or muscle car thing they aren't bound to just one kind of car
Andrew Grimm Nov 06, 2011
Yes, alot of ricers I see do have stripes.
Alanda Burroughs Nov 06, 2011
Look back in history and you'll see that stripes were always apart of corvette racing style. Riders don't use rods and muscle cars do.
Shane Carroll Nov 06, 2011
Looks good but I think those stripes sit better on a Viper
Andrew Grimm Nov 06, 2011
Not a fan of the stripe. They should just keep the stripes for the ricers and mustangs
Shane Heid Nov 07, 2011
Agreed, I love the c6 body style it's simple elegance and aggressive stance just awesome
Patrick Schalk Nov 06, 2011
Those people are the ones who just try to make excuses because the Z06 stomps on most cars.
Joseph Flieder Nov 06, 2011
I second that motion
Ken Madison Nov 06, 2011
I don't know how people say this looks dated. It looks like perfection.
Shane Gardner Nov 07, 2011
Mosport logo is a nice touch.
Majed Ameeri Nov 06, 2011
One of the best vettes ever