Description: We previewed a selection of Ford Mustangs in the build-up to SEMA, and this modification known simply as "Boy Racer" by Creations n Chrome, with a racing theme that's apparent from the ...
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Chris Penza Nov 06, 2011
I was on the ford website yesterday making a custom boss 302. It turned out so awesome
Description: As for the powertrain a Vortech 25th anniversary supercharger system mated to a Boss 302 intake and nitrous system by Nitrous Express gives the Mustang's 5.0 Ti-VCT V8 engine plenty of additional...
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Jason Brower Nov 06, 2011
Really? Because 20's on a mustang are super functional. 18s are fine unless you're using gigantic brakes. The larger the wheel the more weight, and higher the car will ride.
Alanda Burroughs Nov 06, 2011
18 inch wheels? Give me a freakin break! Any decent modded Mustang is gonna have 19-20's inch rims. Why is this car here?
Duncan Gibson Nov 06, 2011
It's ok, but kinda ricey and not that special
Michael Gallagher Nov 06, 2011
Wheels are blah and that paint job... Nasty. Not a fan
Matthew Leon Nov 06, 2011
Looks alright expect those blinkers
Joshua Trillizio Nov 07, 2011
I bet on a really sunny day that the Glare would kill your eyeballs
Ryan Coffel Nov 06, 2011
I want it now.... except if they can make a metallic version of Fords Grabber Blue.
Shane Heid Nov 06, 2011
Oh yes very hot stang
Andy Kleschick Nov 06, 2011
the red is nice i think in chrome finish.
Payne Hodges Wilson Nov 06, 2011
I my self am Not exactly a fan of the chrome but I do like the body kit and that spoiler
Tomas Franquelli Nov 06, 2011
That's not mean enough to be trolling, he just doesn't like it. Trolling would be me saying no matter what you do to a Mustang, it's still gonna be ugly. But finish-wise that's pretty sweet.
Reid Huff Nov 06, 2011
I disagree looks cheap and very bad
Angel Based Diaz Nov 06, 2011
This chrome paint job actually looks good
Xuan Lin Nov 08, 2011
Clean up the wire and put a engine cover on it, and just show the boss302!
Ryan Coffel Nov 07, 2011
I know its a procharger. I can read... But that is a large intake.
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 07, 2011
@Ryan Kill yourself, that's a procharger!!!
Jason Brower Nov 06, 2011
The engine bay would look a lot better cleaned up, the wires look a little sloppy
Phillip Greene Nov 06, 2011
No thats a pro charger bro
Ryan Coffel Nov 06, 2011
That is a large intake kit, but my k&n intake on my truck can eat this.
Taggart Wilber Nov 07, 2011
Looks a butt-ton better than the car Charlie Sheen is selling.
Phillip Greene Nov 06, 2011
What part of track car dont yal understand?
Duncan Gibson Nov 06, 2011
That steering wheel is horrendous. PVC would be better!
Chandler Ryan Stout Nov 06, 2011
I'd definetly drive it, but I prefer analog gauges
Dan Ruth Nov 06, 2011
Yeah its meant to save weight
Brenton Cozby Nov 06, 2011
@Jimmy I think you mean minimalistic. carbon fiber and alcantera is not cheap
Matthew Leon Nov 06, 2011
@Jimmy of course it a racer smart one
Ted Fernandez Nov 06, 2011
I rather have analog gauges than digital ones but other than, interior looks ok.
Jimmy Atkinson Nov 06, 2011
That's extremely cheap looking
Phillip Greene Nov 06, 2011
There aint one didnt u see the last pic track cars dont have ac
Ryan Coffel Nov 06, 2011
To add, on the contrary, where is the ac stuff?
Ryan Coffel Nov 06, 2011
What are you talking about??? This is a setup strictly for racing. You dont NEED anything except that touchscreen for the stereo.
Alanda Burroughs Nov 06, 2011
You're right Austin. This interior...this car is so cheesy! Why is it even being featured here?
Austin Bride Nov 06, 2011
Carbon fiber just looks like it is kinda slapped on the dash
Jason Brower Nov 06, 2011
It's popular to put a sub in a track car actually, yes it hurts performance but it's nice to listen to occasionally. Not my personal preference though.
Ryan Coffel Nov 06, 2011
How to explain the shaker system for all mustangs? My uncle took that and traded subs to kicker 12s. Amazing!!
Devin Babyn Nov 06, 2011
Don't hate on 10's man a pair of those pound way better then a set of 12's but it is useless in this car
Shane Carroll Nov 06, 2011
And only one speaker too. What is that, a 10? Hardly worth the effort
Patrick Schalk Nov 06, 2011
So the strip the hell out of the interior to save weight and then put a sound system in? Doesn't make sense at all. IMO sound systems are a huge waste of money. Especially in cars like these.
David Eslava Nov 06, 2011
well this is a bit more like it....
Duncan Gibson Nov 06, 2011
I don't see the point of putting the nitrous by the sound system.