Description: One of the most common flaws in user-designed concepts is that they actually don't have a feasible (in times such as these) form of locomotion. We have read about hundreds of concepts that run on...
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Description: Dubbed the Geely Aeolus Concept, it was designed by Zhang under the guidance of the Chengdu Gaoyuan Automobile Industry Co. Ltd., a branch of Geely from China. It is described as a 'pneumatic hyb...
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Jayme West Nov 05, 2011
That's a great price
B Man Hilf Nov 05, 2011
If u picture it in black it's like a mini batmobile
Alfredo Diaz Nov 05, 2011
Is it just me or does it look like optimus prime
Elijah McCord Nov 05, 2011
Ure actually right, it does look like a smaller version of the Capri from halo
Emmanuel Irizarry Nov 05, 2011
And the front looks like a bionicle
Emmanuel Irizarry Nov 05, 2011
Look like it belongs on Halo
Matthew Malyapa Nov 05, 2011
great price but so ugly i would rather have a prius
Description: Disneo-art says that "each cylinder of the combustion engine is connected via a variable valve to a shared air tank. To conserve energy and help keep the pressurized air tanks topped up, during b...
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Peter Bruschi Nov 06, 2011
every new car shud be capable of at least 80... what if that city goer wants to head out east on a fast highway? the thing is hideous anyway...
Jeremy Siebert Nov 05, 2011
"city cars don't need to go fast" says the guy driving a TRACTOR
Matthew van der Linde Nov 05, 2011
Might aswell ride a bike
Tucker Grimley Nov 05, 2011
Lol make it go faster than 54mph please! Not gonna buy one but I'm gonna pass a shiton of them considering some of the speed limits around here are 75mph that's dangerously slow!
Description: Until then, check out the video of her concept in action and let us know what you think about the design of the modern Geely Aeolus Concept.
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Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Nov 06, 2011
I would drive one. Looks like it could have an escape compartment that would fly. I would buy it.
Gary Howard Nov 05, 2011
Sure looks better than a smart car haha
Ethan Amo Nov 06, 2011
I don't believe in EV technology…
Duncan Gibson Nov 05, 2011
The car is great looking, genius in every way. The presentation vid is something I cud do in 5 mins tho.
Neil Howlett Nov 05, 2011
Great looking car with innovative power system. Need more like this.
Christo Savaides Nov 05, 2011
This thing looks so sick.
Eun-seok Kim Nov 05, 2011
Ugly.....-.- frontoverhang is very rong~than rear
Andrew Grimm Nov 06, 2011
I'll take that Audi TT over there.
Alex Bowman Nov 06, 2011
I'd take that Audi over this
Matthew Crighton Nov 05, 2011
Its a cool concept but its wierd. Id be inbarased to drive one
Brennon Aucoin Nov 05, 2011
Not by 2014 for $8,000
Connor Cruickshank Nov 06, 2011
It's confusing from above.
Alanda Burroughs Nov 05, 2011
Suicide doors are actually better for egress and ingress.
Dan Ruth Nov 05, 2011
Every future concept car has suicide doors, i'd be more suprised if it didn't
Isaac Reichner Nov 05, 2011
Yeah it said so in the article
Matthew Crighton Nov 05, 2011
Mabey, its hard to tell
Jordan Smith Nov 06, 2011
Ehh. Second half of picture is cool but the front is kinda weird.
Andrew Grimm Nov 06, 2011
It is a carbon fiber shell? If it said it in the video, then I didn't watch it. But I didn't catch where it said it in the article if it did.
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Nov 06, 2011
Very elegant. Considering its small. Carbon fiber shell is sweet
Jzon El Cee Nov 05, 2011
This car reminds me of micro machines.