Comments - Michel Motorsports Gitano Is Cooler Than The Chevy Volt

Published: Nov 05, 2011
Description: When you think of plug-in hybrids, there aren't many options, and the Fisker Karma is pretty much the only one that's really appealing for any reason other the technology. It seems there wil...
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Jonathan Bowen Nov 06, 2011
Fun fact: "gitano" means "gypsy" in Spanish
Jacob Anthony Soto Nov 06, 2011
everything is cooler than a vilt
Vincent Chong Nov 05, 2011
There is also the Tesla
Description: The same company is also working on an all-electric conversion for the fourth-gen (E46) BMW 3-Series, this might not sound all that interesting, but word is that if you ask them to, they'll crank...
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Dale Schroeder Nov 06, 2011
@Kevin: Because EVs are the trendy thing now and it gets attention when a car company offers one.
Kevin Rehbock Nov 05, 2011
If I can have this car with an actual powerplant, what's the point of making this with a battery?
Michael Riley Nov 06, 2011
so like the Italian Flagged 458 didn't have a front end this doesn't have a rear end?
Duncan Gibson Nov 05, 2011
Yes a complete ripoff, yes that's an awesome color, and are those really stickers?
Todd Randall Nov 05, 2011
Ugly maserati granturismo?
Adelaide Marconi Nov 05, 2011
Demented GranTurismo S?
Matthew Crighton Nov 05, 2011
That color is awsome
Josiah Thomas Clements Nov 05, 2011
It looks exactly like a rip off version of the Maserati Gran Turismo.
Chris Benson Nov 05, 2011
Headlights look like stickers.
Austin Bride Nov 05, 2011
Looks like a car from GTA4
Zach Andres Nov 05, 2011
the Aston Martin of EVs
Kevin Watson Nov 06, 2011
They don't have that clear glass in front of it. It look fake at first.
Duncan Gibson Nov 05, 2011
Wait is it covered or are the headlights just there?
David Eslava Nov 05, 2011
Gitano means gipsy in Spanish lol
Luke Walker Nov 06, 2011
Yea I'm liking this photo too
Tanner Middleton Nov 05, 2011
the best part about this car is the wheels and breaks, other then that its total rubbish
Heath Clayton Cudiamat Nov 07, 2011
Worst new interior ever.
Sam Oglesby Nov 06, 2011
Was this borrowed from a 1960s mg
Aaron Porter Nov 05, 2011
I love the.seatbelt material for the door pulls
Gabriel Cetean Nov 05, 2011
I am sure Esteban was joking...
Todd Randall Nov 05, 2011
Esteban are you crazy? The leather looks worn and horrible
Alfredo Diaz Nov 05, 2011
Looks like their stereo got jacked
Justin Routh Nov 05, 2011
Is that a Maybach interior?
Jordan Smith Nov 05, 2011
This looks like a well kept barn find.
Adelaide Marconi Nov 05, 2011
It looks like a used car lol.
Dan Ruth Nov 05, 2011
Well obviously its not finished. (facepalm)
Axel Cousins Nov 05, 2011
It looks like a crappy version of that time of what the future will look like. But it never did look like this. It looks very bad in the interior but kind of nice looking on the exterior.
Adam Hafiz Nov 05, 2011
I don't think so. I looked at the right half of the pic and I saw Gi(tano)
Kan Wes Nov 05, 2011
Is this a mistake? Looks like the interior from the BMW 7 series pickup from the other day.
Jimmy Williams Nov 05, 2011
I mean that? It looks like bits and pieces from old BMW's and maybe a small microwave in the dash?
Majed Ameeri Nov 05, 2011
A better interior would be nice
Ryan Kells Nov 05, 2011
I think the interior let's it down.
Victor Takhanov Nov 05, 2011
The interior almost looks antique. Lol.