Comments - Vauxhall Astra VXR Revealed

Published: Nov 04, 2011
Description: For those unfamiliar with Vauxhall nomenclature, VXR is used to signify the range's top performance models, and the Astra VXR is certainly worthy of the title. The hot hatch is intended to do bat...
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Luke Walker Nov 04, 2011
Even the old VRX has crazy torque steer, wonder how this goes.
Anders Schrøder Nov 04, 2011
You wont get it as a vauxhall, but most likely as a opel or Buick.
Anthony Calderaro Nov 04, 2011
Hopefully bc we have the GTI already and were getting the ST maybe we will finally get the Astra VXR
Colin Dzendolet Nov 04, 2011
Since we lost Saturn and the astra here, unless it comes as, say, a Buick, likelihood is pretty slim, which is terrible, this thing is a beast
Shaylen Kumar Patel Nov 04, 2011
Damn bring this stateside
Description: Since these numbers are quite high, the VXR employs a HiPerStrut system to minimize the torque steer that tends to plague high-powered front-wheel-drive cars. Joining in the fight for control is a mec...
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Jordan Smith Nov 04, 2011
Looks sick. Those rims are cool too. Hope they bring it stateside.
Luke Walker Nov 05, 2011
Hahaha it's got stock 2nd gen RX8 wheels.
Taylor Greenfield Nov 05, 2011
Q7, Q5 and Alfa Romeo 159 back
Jordan Smith Nov 04, 2011
Why don't we get these awesome cars in the U.S?
John Park Nov 04, 2011
I think this is more like a scirocco that a gti
Anthony Calderaro Nov 04, 2011
It has a Q7 look in the back
Nilton Manuel Paula Dec 21, 2011
I like this seat! Hey honey, when it my OPC comes?!
Edith Wharton Nov 05, 2011
I think it might be fun to drive on the wrong side for a little
Ashfaaq Chana Nov 04, 2011
Finally on the right side
Colin Dzendolet Nov 04, 2011
Put the wheel on the other side for us, please!!
Ole Martin Hoel Nov 04, 2011
What's the point in those holes if it hasn't got a 5 point harness?